Brands We Love: Scanlan Theodore

Aussie favorite Scanlan Theodore quickly became sought-after stateside for their luxury RTW styles. We spoke with the team to learn what about the brand's aesthetic has captured the attention of the most fashionable women all over the world. Read on to discover what inspires their designs, plus the inside scoop on the brand's exciting expansion plans. 

How was Scanlan Theodore founded?

Scanlan Theodore is an independent Australian luxury fashion brand, founded in 1987 by Gary Theodore.

Who is the brand’s target audience?

The Scanlan Theodore woman is confident, intelligent and complex. For all the layered facets of life that make a design, an image and indeed a woman, there's a timeless beauty of memorable quality.

What makes Scanlan Theodore stand out in the womenswear market? 

With intelligent well-crafted designs, Scanlan Theodore’s devotion to simple, clean modern aestheticism has not changed since its inception in 1987. The label's dedication to independent beauty is infused in each Scanlan Theodore creation - defiantly a new genre of femininity. Each Scanlan Theodore collection includes signature crepe, knit, wool, leather, eyewear, swim and accessories.

Where can we shop Scanlan Theodore?

With two boutiques in New York, one boutique located in Miami and a successful online business, you can shop the Scanlan Theodore collection on: and shop a selection at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Any upcoming launches, collections or exciting updates to have on our radars? 

Due to the high demand for head to toe outfitting, the brand is excited to be re introducing handbags, having not produced this category since 2017. Expertly crafted in Italy and Spain, our range of leather handbags are modern classics, designed to last. Inspired by fluid forms and sharp lines, the luxurious pieces have been created with artisanal experience and techniques. The bags made in Italy have been crafted with calf leather, locally dyed, and tanned, and lined with 100% cotton canvas for the ultimate in lavish accessories.

Additionally, the pieces made in Spain are crafted using nappa leather – a superior and luxuriously smooth material with a satin finish and are lined with 100% recycled cotton canvas. All Scanlan Theodore hardware is solid brass with a light gold finishing. Sleek and elegant in design, the collection of bags captures key silhouettes in classic, monochromatic colorways – perfect for any occasion, all year round. 

We are excited to announce a big expansion of retail brick and mortar in the coming 24 months including new boutiques at Bal Harbour, Miami, NorthPark, Dallas, New York and DC.

Webinar Recap: Rewriting the Communications Rulebook

For PR pros, it's no longer just about telling a brand's story, but instead making sure that it's shared by the right voice on the right channel to reach the right audience. The PR Net founder Lisa Smith joined Launchmetrics CMO Alison Bringé for a deep dive into the data, trends and strategies driving the evolution of PR today. ⁠

The takeaways:

  • PR needs to show its ROI, and comms pros need to embrace the data to show the benefits of our work
  • Owned media has strengthened over the last few fashion seasons
  • While in-person events are definitely back, digital offers incredible opportunities to reach larger audiences in disparate locations and often in a cost-effective way
  • Brands are still successfully employing a hybrid model, featuring both a physical event with a select guest list, and a digital screening
  • Localization is crucial: brands must create unique content for region-specific channels to connect with their audience in a more personalized manner
  • Invest in a quality translation to help global users discover and shop your product (via social or ecomm). Poor translation can do real damage to a brand
  • Make sure that the images and visuals you use are culturally relevant and representative of the people you’re trying to reach
  • Confirm that you’re on the right social platforms and marketplaces and optimizing for the right search engines; Google isn’t the top search engine everywhere
  • Invest in SEM and SEO keyword strategies BEFORE you go live in a new market, as people search differently all over the world
  • Over 80% of publishing houses in the US use affiliate marketing to generate revenue, which is easy to track / you’ll have tangible sales results
  • Always track your social media hits
  • Tip: get access to your brands’ Google analytics (or have someone on the team share key metrics with you)
  • Not all PR results are trackable – you’re influencing what’s in people’s minds and their purchasing behaviors aren’t always able to be traced
  • Stay on top of trending areas where you can not only become more valuable to your organization or clients, but you can also grow new areas of your business (i.e. NFTs, cannabis, sustainability)

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