Home Media Outlets You Might Not Know About

If you’re into home and design, you probably have a handful of go-to publications for getting interior inspo, trend updates and the like. But what about the lesser-known names delivering big on all things design? We asked industry insiders to share some of their personal favorite home media outlets outside of the usual suspects. Bookmark, save and subscribe accordingly.

Molly Schoneveld, Founder & CEO, The Storied Group

Effect Magazine is the in-house publication of The Bruno Effect, a new online luxury interior design marketplace, bringing together the world's best high-end designers, furniture and collectibles dealers. They are based in London, but work with interior designers across Europe and the US, too. I love its global perspective that caters to both the industry and to design enthusiasts. Frederic Magazine is a lifestyle magazine published by Schumacher (named after the visionary Frederic Schumacher) and prints three times per year (a big beautiful glossy!). The EIC Dara Caponigro spoke on a panel in LA at LEGENDS week this year, so I got the inside scoop. I love that they reshoot all their design projects and do various tastemaker profiles and entertaining features that can be few and far in between in print these days.

A residential suite in Kisawa Sanctuary, Benguerra Island, Mozambique | Effect Magazine

Andrew Joseph, Founder, Andrew Joseph PR

Andrew Joseph PR has remained remote, and since working in my home office, I listen to podcasts throughout the day in the background. My favorite podcast is Convo By Design by Josh Cooperman. He has a very laid back upbeat interview style and I always feel like I have learned something about the architects, designers, makers and artists he interviews. You can find it on any podcast service.

Lauren Urband, Founder & President, The Consultancy PR

Although Nowness is widely followed on Instagram, its website is often overlooked; however, it provides endless inspiration within the worlds of art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food, and travel. The publication has a unique strategy, focusing on video content as a means to share stories about individuals and brands who are on the cutting edge of their respective fields. Two of my favorite series are “In Residence,” which features the homes of noted designers and architects, as well as “Private View,” which highlights the process behind some of the most widely regarded artists and designers today.

Rebecca Goldberg Brodsky, Co-Founder, DADA Goldberg

We're following the launch of Amazon's new design outlet. We've followed Anne Quito for many years so we have high hopes for this title. We're also tracking the launch of Architectural Digest's TikTok channel. This is quickly growing and they're aggressively building out content that fits the medium.

Tiffany Farney, Founder, Digital Thread Consulting

Run, don't walk to your headphones and listen to Design Perspectives, a podcast by interior designer Gail M Davis. She's authentic, honest and digs deep with her guests to have candid and sincere conversations about design, business, life, and what she calls 'hot topics.' The conversations are enlightening and informative, it's a great listen whether or not you are in the design industry.

Courtney Lukitsch, Founder, Gotham PR

"Publications to explore a high level of innovation by designers include Architectural Digest, ADPro, Dezeen, Cultured, Florida Design Magazine, Interior Design and World Interiors.”

Erik Perez, Founder, Hello PR Group

Lately I have been spending time reading a few niche design magazines. Est Living out of Australia publishes incredible spaces and is a great resource. A few other Scandinavian publications that should be on any design aficionado's list are RUM, Oak Nordic Journal and Ark Journal. Homes and Gardens out of the UK has been doing a fantastic job on publishing and promoting the work of US designers, architects and brands, and their online content has been very timely and on-trend. It’s been wonderful to see this iconic UK brand adapt to the US market. Of course my all-time favorite publication is Monocle. I’m an avid reader of the print edition, and subscribe to their podcasts – particularly Section D and The Monocle Weekly.

Est Living

Angelica Poprawa, Associate Director, Head & Hand PR

Luxe Interiors + Design explores and celebrates architecture and luxury interior design both on a national and regional level and provides design & style inspiration for readers from top design industry professionals. Each year, the publication honors its featured designers with an annual Luxe Gold List Gala bringing together the talents of the design community into one room celebrating design.

Laura Bindloss, Founder, Nylon Consulting & Designer Home Tours

Three years ago I was at The Business of Home Conference listening to a speaker from YouTube talk about the platform and it dawned on me that the interior design industry was barely present in that space. A further search confirmed my suspicions - all of the content I could see on YouTube was either around celebrities or DIY content; neither of which was applicable to the majority of content that fit the luxury design space. Video was on the rise, and there were fewer places for us to showcase our client's work unless it had a famous homeowner, so I saw an opportunity to create a media brand that I wanted to exist. Designers can submit projects to us to have their work considered for a feature on the channel, and they can also get in touch with us to create private label video content for their own channels. 

Designer Home Tours: Light and Airy Modern Coastal Beach House 

The PR Net Digital Event Recap: 'The Marketing & Media Opportunity of YouTube'

Marcomms pros have become extremely social media savvy, utilizing platforms to boost brand awareness, sales, loyalty and beyond. While the opportunities on Instagram and TikTok need no introduction, there’s one powerful platform many brands and companies are missing out on: YouTube. We took a deep dive into the marketing and media opportunities on YouTube with Nylon Consulting’s Laura Bindloss, who launched the Designer Home Tours YouTube channel, and SEEN Connects’ Lucy Robertson, whose team of influencer marketers have mastered using YouTube as a comms tool.

  • YouTube is a discovery channel - it is the second largest search engine, only behind Google
  • 85-90% of people in the US use YouTube monthly, so if you’re not showing up there, you’re missing the general population
  • There are over 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube
  • Video is a more powerful tool than images
  • The algorithm is more generous on YouTube if you’re not spending money (versus the way Instagram docks you)
  • Pro tip: you can go back and edit videos or copy and help videos keep getting traffic
  • People don’t usually watch just one video, they watch several, so one great one will help boost your whole library and channel  
  • Thumbnails are important, so test images (darker, lighter, person, text on image, etc.)
  • First hour of posting is crucial, so blast your videos across all social channels/email to boost viewership immediately
  • Tips for creating content: 
    • Make sure it’s entertaining or educational
    • Be authentic
    • Allow creators to take the lead
    • Tap into niches when possible
  • Don’t need a huge budget, but invest in professional video editing (you can shoot all content on a phone, but editing makes all the difference)
  • People on YouTube are highly engaged with the content: they post longer-form feedback, comment on more than one video, etc.
  • Demographics on YouTube are diverse in age, from 10-55+, so it doesn’t matter what product you’re pushing, you’ll probably have an audience for it on YouTube
  • 96% of consumers find video useful when shopping online
  • 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a YouTube video
  • Any size business can find success on YouTube
  • 70% of viewers prefer YouTube Live over other live video platforms
  • Opps from YouTube live: improved authenticity, one-click shopping, better product education
  • YouTube shorts have been around since 2020 but there’s a push around it now - their answer to TikTok
    • 1.5B monthly Short users
    • Videos are 60 secs or less (sweet spot is 15-30 seconds), unpolished and trend-driven Globally available, but targeted to Gen Z and niche
  • YouTube Shorts content tips
    • Identify snappy topics that resonate with your audience/sell your brand
    • Capitalize on trending songs, hashtags, events and SEO

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