What's Up for The Week

You know the drill: we're on a mission to discover new ways to stay stimulated and entertained. So without further ado, here's what's up for the week, from Mother's Day prep and shopping for a cause to new cocktail programming and workspace design tips.

What We're Doing

Get your Mother’s Day flower orders in early with Flowers & Creations. They created three special arrangements to commemorate the occasion, including bouquets of tulips and peonies. Pro tip: pre-order by Wednesday, May 6th and get a complimentary clear glass vase with your bouquet. 

Head to The Glass House via videos and programs all available on their site (including a fun activity for kids). P.S. Their design store is also a good place to find unique Mother’s Day gifts. 

Shop for a cause at The Invisible Collection’s Charity Auction, a special sale of 30 pieces by the artisans and designers they represent. Designers include Atelier Vime, Charles Zana, Ashley Hicks, Osanna Visconti and many more, and the auction will take place on Monday May 4th.

What We’re Drinking

#BeWell Beverages

This week, Novità PR’s #BeWell series featured Nicole Kanev, mixologist and founder of  Inspired Curated Cocktails. Join her in the kitchen to learn to make an assortment of soothing cocktails from products that are already in your bar and pantry. Watch here.

Cupboard Cocktails

BACARDÍ has partnered with a team of bartenders and drink experts to launch Cupboard Cocktails, an Instagram Live series that helps transform people’s random odds and ends into elevated rum cocktail recipes. 


What We're Decorating

As a continuation to last week’s guide, we’re back with more designer tips for upgrading your WFH space.

Phantila Phataraprasit & Caitlin Ellen | Founders, Sabai

Buy prints! There are nice covid-19-related non-profits that are trading prints by famous artists for donations, and Picture Room also offers nice unique prints for your home. Layer different prints together on a wall (with some nice IKEA frames to finish things off), and you have a new gallery wall and a whole new vibe in your space! 

Ginny Macdonald | Founder, Ginny Macdonald Design

I love to have a routine and try to separate work and home life as much as one can do when running their own business. As part of my morning ritual, the mug is something I use every day to have my coffee in. I love handmade ceramics and what makes me happy is that I can sit for five minutes and enjoy before my day gets started. The shape fits perfectly in my hand and has a dimple in the design which is perfect for my thumb.


Liz Caan | Founder, Liz Caan

Start with the art and work backwards. In my own home outside of Boston, a rare vintage poster incited the color palette of an in-home workspace. The Hermes-orange and tangerine accents in the artwork informed the lively accents in the otherwise decidedly neutral space, which I also played up using a graphic carpet. Most of these decisions were informed after selecting the art for this space.  Spotlighting a favorite piece of art is also such an easy way to make an impact, so pull out your favorite piece to really up your WFH situation.

Glenn Lawson | Co-founder, Lawson Fenning

We have been doing jigsaw puzzles at night, which turns into my morning conference table. I have been puzzling while taking stressful calls. It helps calm things down. In the afternoons I have been finding my living room and deck are the perfect spot to work. All I need is my phone and computer. I can have a fire when it’s chilly, and a hammock when it’s not.

Lauren Nelson | Founder, Lauren Nelson Design

Make your workspace comfortable with as much natural light as possible to keep up the vitamin D endorphins, and be flexible with where you work. Some people only like to work from one space but personally, I like mixing it up and changing spots so it doesn't feel stagnant. We do this at the studio, too. Sometimes we work in the design room, sometimes sitting at our own desks, and sometimes at our communal standing desk. I like drinking tea as a ritual and a small break from staring at the computer screen.

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