Currently Trending: The Latest in Social Media

The dynamic nature of social media has always been fast-paced, but the pandemic seems to have further accelerated its growth, adoption and innovation. It makes sense that at this digital-centric moment, brands and individuals alike are turning to these platforms (both new and established) to connect and create. We spoke with a few pros in the social space to hear about the latest trends, complete with real-life examples for your next campaign inspo.

Trend: Instagram Guides as a content tool

"Instagram Guides are a relatively new content format that Instagram launched last year. They’re a great way for brands and influencers to curate already posted content into an easy to digest collection of information. You can use Instagram Guides to show your favorite products, tips, recommendations, or step-by-step instructions. Take the Brookfield Place New York’s Valentine’s Gift Guide, for example. We partnered with micro-influencers to capture content of their favorite V-day gifts at Brookfield Place.” -Timothy Chun, Social Media Director, BerlinRosen

Brookfield Place New York’s Valentine’s Gift Guide

Trend: Audio-based platforms

"From an overarching perspective, audio-based social platforms have been on the rise with Clubhouse making buzz in the industry. Facebook has also now announced that they are working on their own audio-based feature, allowing users to create audio-only rooms that others can join, listen and participate in.” -Renee Ogaki, Founder, OGAKI

Trend: Social commerce

"The expansion of social commerce. As we continue to work from home, buying whatever you want is at the touch of a button. The ecosystem to buy anything you want online has become so easy and convenient, walking into a store to purchase something feels so 1950. And due to social media, the ability to connect, share, and buy has never been easier. So many brands have realized that between ease of purchase, and real time ability to track marketing efforts leading to purchase, social commerce has never been hotter, and will continue to get bigger and bigger.” -Ryan Berger, Founding Partner, HYPR

Trend: ‘90s Nostalgia 

"Nostalgia for the ‘90s and early ‘00s has also been trending across the fashion and beauty industries, and having its moment on social. Dispo (a new app that was largely featured at launch, but has now been under fire as founder David Dobrik was accused of sexual assault) gives us the disposable camera in app form. Many brands are also tapping into ‘90s and early ‘00s references – Colourpop Cosmetics recently launched a Lizzie McGuire collection and are posting fun nostalgic posts such as this featuring an old cell phone." -Renee Ogaki, Founder, OGAKI

Colourpop Cosmetics

Trend: Video content

'Video content is dominating more. Especially throughout the pandemic, people are looking for more ways to stay connected and video content has become king compared to static photos. Beautiful imagery will always be a staple, but with the launch of Instagram Reels and the rise of TikTok people are consuming content a bit differently nowadays. Further to that, Instagram/Facebook Lives and IG TV are another way for brands and influencers to connect to their audiences more authentically, personally, and more creatively.” -Timothy Chun, Social Media Director, BerlinRosen

"TikTok is full of trends that then often make their way onto Instagram Reels. TikTok users love to create content around a variety of trending topics and songs, and trends come and go quickly on the platform. Recent examples include the #PleaseDontGo trend – set to the song “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner, where users lip-sync to the song while sitting in a car, then cut to wearing headscarves and sunglasses with the windows down—and the Inspirational Quotes trend, where users make motivational quotes out of silly phrases (i.e. here and here).” -Renee Ogaki, Founder, OGAKI

Trend: Influencer marketing 

"Influencer marketing has continued to soar. The beginning was about search and discovery of the right influencer. Then we moved into an area of agencies and networks. And now it is about the importance of the right platform, and the ability to work with the influencer in a participatory and impactful way. No more are brands talking to influencers about one-off posts, but instead a deeper, integrated partnership. And influencers’ digital voices have never been more powerful, as consumers are at home, being influenced much more by who they follow than their friend networks, as they aren’t able to see most friends the way they are used to.” -Ryan Berger, Founding Partner, HYPR


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