5 Tips for Managing a Home Relocation

When people think of the biggest stresses in their lives, the stress involved in moving (or relocating) often shoots to the forefront. Gold Mac Ivor, owner of Riveter Consulting Group, understands more than anyone how overwhelming and hectic such a move can be. However, it doesn’t have to be so chaotic; take her tips for planning ahead to make your next move seamless.

1. Choose the best movers

Depending on the size of your home and distance to your new location, hiring movers could be a huge advantage and worth the additional cost. Professional movers and organizers have the experience and equipment to relocate you quickly and effectively. A common mistake is trying to cut costs and hiring movers that are not properly insured nor with proven track record.

2. Seize the opportunity to let go 

Relocating gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate our belongings and discard the items we no longer need. Gives us a fresh start! Purging can also be a huge cost-cutter; movers charge by weight, so by eliminating unnecessary items, the overall moving cost decreases. 

3. Label everything

Label ALL sides of the box EXCEPT the top. Try labeling each side in marker so you can easily find what you need in a stack. 
In addition to labeling what's in your boxes, add the specific room they'll be going into.Pick a color code for each room and label that room's boxes accordingly. Label the door of each room with the corresponding sticker or tape so that movers know where to place the boxes.

4. Hook up essential services 

Make sure you understand how utility bills (gas, water, electricity) will be transferred over to you from a previous owner. Arrange to have your phone line, cable and internet working if necessary (the last thing you want is to arrive to your new home and not be able to open the garage because the power has not turned on). 

5. Don't forget to update your information 

Remembering to update your new information as soon as possible is of the upmost importance. Bills, mailing address, car insurance policy, utility companies and the like should all be updated as soon as you secure the new address to avoid any inconveniences. 

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