The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: The Brand Agency

The Brand Agency houses different specialties, attracting entertainment, fashion and beauty, B2B and tech clients with the team of veteran communicators’ expertise. In the past year alone, the agency has worked on campaigns and bolstered experiential activations for Apple TV+, Paramount Plus and Prime Video. The Brand Agency company culture prioritizes employees’ wellbeing (and lets their clients know that), which ultimately translates into major successes for the team. Back in 2016, before the mass focus on diversity, agency CEO and founder Priscila Martinez opened a media relations department for multicultural clients and personalities, which later blossomed into a sister agency that only employs diverse hires and services clients in the multicultural space. This year, the team created impactful headlines for pro bono client Spend with Ukraine.


Priscila Martinez, Founder

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Amazon, Guinness World Records, Disney+, Paramount, ColourPop, Motorola

New client wins:

Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, Guinness World Records, Miss Universe, Spend with Ukraine

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