The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Superjuice

Entertainment Agency of the Year

Superjuice works on a diverse array of categories, ranging from network TV publicity, content streaming and production companies, to food and beverage, beauty and wellness and parenting. In the past 12 months, the agency upped their headcount, expanded service offerings and began to execute on their philanthropic mission, which centers upon mental health. The team began working with Project Healthy Minds, the millennial/Gen Z-driven non-profit building the first digital marketplace for mental health, on a pro bono basis - booking talent, co-producing sold-out fireside chats and driving donations from corporate partners. On the entertainment front, Superjuice developed and executed a PR strategy for ‘The Kardashians’ premiere on Hulu, with a press junket taking over Nobu Hotel Malibu, and turning each room into an interactive experience inspired by each Kardashian. Superjuice also worked with Pizza Hut and their lead agency GSD&M on the rollout of Pizza Hut’s Struggle Bus, which was born out of real-time conversation online about Gen Z burnout and the relatable feeling of being “on the struggle bus.” Pizza Hut produced an actual bus for exhausted and burned out 18-25 year olds providing a place to chill, nap and indulge in the ultimate comfort food – Pizza Hut pizza. Both campaigns aligned with the agency’s DEI commitment, as the team ensured that BIPOC influencers were among the select few invited to cover the Kardashians press junket and Pizza Hut activation – the latter which led to a record-breaking endorsement deal for emerging artist Lil Meech.


Maggie Gallant, Founder

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc., Hulu, KeVita / Tropicana Brands Group, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Genexa, American Idol

New client wins:

Pizza Hut, The Kardashians, The D’Amelio Show, Hulu Food, Varo, Paramount, Project Healthy Minds (pro bono)

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