The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Paxson Fay

Paxson Fay supports architecture and design clients across PR, social media, awards and media buying. The Seattle-based agency has mastered the nuances of social media and public relations and how they intersect, and it’s now a pillar of their practice to cross-pollinate these distinct yet related services. They extend a similar thinking on the internal side, favoring collaboration over competition; Paxson Fay currently works with NY-based agency Good Word PR, fostering a bi-coastal partnership that opens up more opportunities for clients and offers educational benefits for both teams. As such, the year’s greatest client successes include a multitude of high-profile design accolades, significant social media growth and prolific large-budget media buys. The agency gives back through Seattle-based non-profit Space. City, a partial pro-bono client, which provides a platform for leaders in architecture and design to gather and discuss art, architecture and the challenges of rapid urbanization.


Amy Golden, Principal Tessa Franchini, Principal

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

3form, Miller Hull, SHED Architecture & Design, Best Practice Architecture

New client wins:

Casework, Nakamoto Forestry, Keeps Furniture, Multistudio, Grand Rapids Chair Co., Hybrid Architecture + Development

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