The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Moresco Public Relations + Communications

Healthcare Agency of the Year

Founder Ali Moresco spent eight years as a “professional patient” battling complex chronic illness, and today she translates her experience to support patient consumer communities – a core group that is often overlooked in marcomms strategies. Moresco Public Relations Communications brings the patient voice back into PR in an authentic way that ultimately drives lasting community and engagement in both traditional and nontraditional PR platforms. Two key learnings from a recent survey of client IGeneX’s patient community underscores their approach. Data showed that 99% of patients trust other patients for healthcare recommendations over their family and even their doctors, and they are also more likely to order an item or request a lab test at the recommendation of another patient. Through patient-driven PR, the team helps create a positive brand association with a potential customer. For example, the agency facilitated the celebrity partnership between Kelley Flanagan and IGeneX labs, leveraging the influencer’s audience to expand IGeneX Lyme and tick-borne disease testing. As evidenced, the agency delivers stellar client work, but Moresco personally counts success in how many chronically ill and disabled voices they have raised, and in how many diseases they have prevented through client interviews in the media.


Ali Moresco, Founder

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Case Integrative Health, Mighty Well, IGeneX Labs, Gracefully Fed

New client wins:

Ancore Health, Dr. Richard Horowitz + Starseed R/Evolution

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