The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Hayworth Co

Hayworth is a strategic consultancy that acts as extended communications directors for clients in the art and design industry. What distinguishes Hayworth in the art PR world is how they counsel clients on new market opportunities and ways to distinguish themselves in the market, as well as new modes of working. As founder Ellie Hayworth is an art collector herself, she has an informed perspective on how a discerning, connoisseurship-minded visitor might experience an artist’s work or perceive an art fair or exhibition. This also helps achieve the Hayworth mission of elevating the voices of young, marginalized, or otherwise unknown artistic voices. This year, Hayworth signed their first major art fair client, Affordable Art Fair, and were invited to expand their scope to encompass the VOLTA New York art fair as well. The team developed dedicated campaigns to reintroduce the fairs to the NYC market, and to distinguish the fairs within the crowded NYC art fair ecosystem.


Ellie Hayworth, Founder & CEO

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Powerhouse Arts (Brooklyn), Suzy Kellems Dominik (Jackson Hole / NYC), Authorne (NYC)

New client wins:

VOLTA New York, Affordable Art Fair NYC

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