The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Emma Paton Consulting

Knowing Emma Paton’s background in luxury and e-commerce (she’s a NET-A-PORTER) co-founder), it makes sense that her consulting business considers branding and communications from the end consumer’s POV. The team operates on the knowledge that consumers are the decision-makers when it comes to brand successes, an approach that’s proven fruitful for both the company and its clients. Recent highlights include a multitude of partnerships for Mytheresa, including those with Flamingo Estate, Athena Calderone, Gucci Westman, Laura Brown and more. It was a year of launches, too, as the team led the partnership between Flamingo Estate and Sesame Street, and also brought Shoreditch Ski Club into the US market (and sold out key styles to boot).


Emma Paton, President

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Belstaff, Hunter, Namuk, Mytheresa

New client wins:

Flamingo Estate, Sesame Street, Shoreditch Ski Club

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