The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Demonstrate

Tech Agency of the Year

In a short time, strategic comms agency Demonstrate has grown their San Francisco HQ to include footprints in New York and Miami – which illustrates their success supporting tech and lifestyle clients. This year, Demonstrate was tapped to position MyFitnessPal as the authority on nutrition and wellness, successfully boosting brand visibility with strategic comms and their first-ever curated pop-up experience. In addition to providing stellar client campaigns, Demonstrate also assembled and distributed three insights reports for industry and professional colleagues in the past year. Demonstrate is an independent BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned business, and their staffing and vendor recruitment reflects their efforts to make their work diverse, inclusive and equitable for all of their communities.


Joey Hodges, Founder & CEO

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Pinterest, CG Roxane (Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water), Cool Effect, Luxardo, HIRSCH, RightRice, f'real, DouxMatok, Incredo Sugar, The Caviar Co., Goldman Environmental Prize, Adam Hall, Lagunitas, The Caviar Co., Bi-Rite Market, DazedDucks, Volta Charging, Springboard, HomeValet

New client wins:

Single & Fat, Equinom, MyFitnessPal, LUMAS San Francisco, lululemon, Aurora Farms, Bota Box, MIXT, House Foods, destination:Tiburon, Sur La Table, Pietisserie, DPEM, Singer, ReserveBar

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