The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: Coded Agency LLC

Everything Coded Agency does is on a global scale, from their client work to their DEI efforts. On the media relations front, they offer boutique agency representation to brands seeking to break into other markets (whether from the US or abroad) and ensuring their messaging resonates from country to country, culture to culture. This year, the agency continued their expansion into the European market, offering those brands a bridge to access the US market and beyond through media and influencer marketing. They also announced the partnership between Black Beauty Roster, a mission-based company bringing diversity into fashion and entertainment by amplifying the work and talent from Black artists, and Warner Media. The team also produced the Black Beauty in Excellence Luncheon during BET Awards weekend. The work continues internally; as a nod to the founder’s Panamanian American background, Coded Agency is building a non-profit partnership that donates past season's inventory from their showroom and others’ to girls and women in Panama.


Jennifer Wentzo, CEO & Founder

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Nuna Baby, Famous Footwear, Naturalizer, Wild Fang, ARLO, Live Nation Merch, Allen Edmonds, Alleyoop, Scentbird, ZigZag

New client wins:

Nuna Baby, Famous Footwear, Cheekbone Beauty, Clean Your Dirty Face, Scandia Homes, Scentbird, ARLO, Wild Fang, ModiBodi 

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