The PR Net Next Gen, 2023: 28 ROW

28 ROW is fostering the future of influencer marketing. A community of Gen Z creators, the team empowers nano and micro influencers, helping big brands connect with an influential demographic known for valuing peer-to-peer recommendations. 28 ROW connects clients with a diverse roster of talented and professional Gen Z creators for social media campaign management, and runs campaigns from ideation to execution with 20-100 creators at a time. The agency also recently launched a talent division, signing nine talented Gen Z micro creators since June. They actively recruit talent to join their inclusive community, and continue to build out this section of the business.


Cindy Krupp, Co-Founder and CEO, and President of Krupp Group Janie Karas, Co-founder and Managing Director

Agency founded:


Notable clients:

Neutrogena, French Connection, Aussie Hair, MONDAY Haircare, Hollister, Cotton On, Waterdrop, Hanesbrands

New client wins:

Hanesbrands, Neutrogena, Social Tourist

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