The PR Net 100, 2023: Yonge & Eist

Over the past year, Canada-based YE Agency has undergone a wide expansion of service offerings, transforming into a comprehensive 360-degree agency with a strong emphasis on public relations. The team leverages their extensive network of media contacts and industry influencers to secure media coverage, manage crisis communication and craft compelling brand narratives that resonate with target audiences. The agency has also emphasized the importance of experiential marketing and activations for clients. YE Agency is now utilizing AI, 3D and 360 content integration to enhance PR and communication strategies, creating personalized and engaging experiences that boost brand visibility, recall, and loyalty, all while maintaining the human-centric approach they pride themselves on. 

Leadership team: 

Stephanie Dyriw, Co-Founder 

Daniele Petrosino, Co-Founder

Notable long-term clients:

The El Mocambo, UHN, Trench Coils Canada, Water Ambassadors Canada, Brian Coones

New client wins:

Dr. Stephane Treyvaud, The Mindfulness Centre, Spade Hospitality,  Atlantic Canada (Reps from all Atlantic Provinces), Montreal Transplant, McGill University Health Network, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Manitoba Transplant 

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients. 

“YE is revolutionizing PR and communications by seamlessly integrating innovative strategies, tools, and technologies into our offerings. We leverage the power of AI, 3D, and 360 content to enhance our services, delivering exceptional value to our clients. Through the utilization of AI- powered analytics, we harness the vast amounts of data available to gain deeper insights into audience behaviour, preferences, and trends. This enables us to craft highly targeted PR campaigns and communications that resonate with specific demographics, maximizing engagement and impact. In addition, we embrace the immersive experiences provided by 3D and 360 content. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, we create captivating visual narratives that transport audiences into dynamic and interactive brand environments. Whether it's virtual tours, product demonstrations, or immersive storytelling, our 3D and 360 content allows consumers to engage with brands in a whole new way, fostering deeper connections and memorable experiences.”

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