The PR Net 100, 2023: Xhibition PR

Xhibition flexes its boutique approach to support clients across travel, lifestyle, architecture and hospitality, with global offices in New York City, London and Tel Aviv. This year, the agency doubled down on their in-house social media offerings, and also developed their hospitality consultant service, through which they give clients a full report of any areas that require improvement, as well as positive factors and takeaways that should be emphasized to guests. The third major development of the year is the agency’s new wing of new business connections and development, leveraging their worldwide network. Xhibition PR is currently developing a new service that will provide AR experiences in the metaverse to architecture and hotel clients. 

Leadership team: 

Ross Belfer, Founder & Principal

Nestor Lara Baeza, Founder & Principal​​​​​​​

Notable long-term clients:

TWA Hotel, High Line Hotel NYC, Brown Hotels, Dunton Hot Springs, R48 Hotel and Garden, Serax, Saar Zafrir, Brown Hotels

New client wins:

Serax (January 2023), Mann Shinar (June 2023), ICONIQUE Studio (June 2023), Inn at the Five Graces (May 2023), Elkonin Hotel (May 2023), Indigo Hotel, Williamsburg (January 2023)

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients. 

“We are continuously striving to connect our clients as well as bring together creatives that are not on our current account roster. We just recently began representing an emerging fashion label from NYC -- Colbo -- and have made a connection and opportunity to collaborate on a capsule collection with a furniture brand from Florida called Makr. Our aim is to cross-pollinate clients and brands that we like, create new products, services or experiences, and then within that framework, spearhead the global PR campaign and create high-impact press exposure. Our vision to see a project through, and create new products together, is a perfect example of the deft ability to see beyond clients as just a retainer, and offer added value that is based around opening doors and aligning minds for a common purpose of growth or success. Another example of our PR boundary-pushing relates to a new art residency that we created for our client The Vera hotel in Tel Aviv. The hotel is anchored upon local anthology and celebrating the creative designers and artists in the city. We ideated a concept of hosting artists from around the city as part of a new `art residency" program in the hotel, which provides a two- night stay and space to create a singular work of art. We document the process, push on social media and as a result, the artist provides the hotel with a piece of art that will be added to the ever-evolving "Exhibition" that is a true testament to local culture in the city.” 

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