The PR Net 100, 2023: The Brand Agency

The Brand Agency has a track record of servicing Fortune 5 and 500 companies as well as tech startups, and in the past year, they've secured partnerships with notable brands like ESPN, Miss Universe and Apple TV+. Additionally, they continue to achieve significant success in their work, including their collaboration with Paramount+ on 'The Lodge' immersive activation, which led to new projects with Paramount+ at Vidcon and San Diego ComicCon. The Brand Agency is capitalizing on the growing significance of affiliate marketing, adapting to the changing media relations landscape by forming an internal committee dedicated to expanding their affiliate capabilities. They actively engage with affiliate partnership platforms, and cover this topic in their enrichment curriculum, all in an effort to achieve competitive results for their e-commerce-focused clients. The Brand Agency is also recognized for their philanthropic efforts, having been one of the first firms to offer pro-bono services during the Russian-Ukrainian war, notably working with Spend with Ukraine to create a campaign that garnered over 22 billion media impressions.

Leadership team: 

Priscila Martinez, Founder & CEO

MK Glenning, Vice President of the West Coast

Katherine Edwards, Vice President of the East Coast

Notable long-term clients:

Prime Video, Apple TV+, Hulu, Disney, ESPN, Netflix, Paramount+, ASUS, Miss Universe Organization/Miss USA/Teen USA AOR, Guinness World Records AOR, Playboy AOR

New client wins:

Paramount+ x Vidcon and San Diego Comic Con, Hulu x San Diego Comic Con

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients. 

“The Brand Agency can quickly adapt our diverse capabilities to the needs of each and every client. We are experts in the public relations field with capabilities and services that cover corporate communications, media relations, brand strategy, special events, talent procurements/strategic partnerships, and image and crisis management. Our expertise has allowed our all-female team to serve the best brands in the world. The Brand Agency hits all verticals including lifestyle, hospitality, entertainment, technology, business-to-business and much more. We aren’t afraid to serve those different worlds and pull our experience together to bring the best practices to the table. Our team is unique in that each publicist has their special forté, or superpower if you will, that will ultimately contribute to the client’s overall success. For the recent premiere of Hulu and Searchlight Pictures’ Flamin’ Hot, The Brand Agency team modified our offerings to assist with event production with a focus on the celebratory element of amplifying Latinx voices on-screen. The directorial debut of Eva Longoria brought to life the story of Richard Montanez and his inspirational story to success in creating the iconic Hot Cheetos. Our team facilitated production, building out specific elements of the event including branded photo moments and decorations, additionally bringing beloved Latino grocery store chain Vallarta to cater the event.”

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