The PR Net 100, 2023: Small Girls PR

Small Girls PR (SGPR) has been creating campaigns for established blue-chip brands to emerging startups alike for 12 years, supporting well-known names from their NYC and LA offices. Over the past year, SGPR has proactively enhanced its programs in areas like affiliate and e-commerce editorial as well as crisis and reputation management. To address evolving client needs, the agency also introduced new services including brand strategy, built-in buzz consulting, thought leadership, executive social media strategy and 360 engagement marketing. SGPR also conducted its first employee engagement survey this year, leading to the implementation of employee-centric policies like expanded ‘Work From Anywhere’ options. The Smalls Affinity Groups' Fellowship program launched a PR 101 Series this year, resulting in an increase in Fellowship applications, especially from HBCUs and MSIs, leading to a more diverse class with 66% identifying as people of color.

Leadership team: 

Mallory Blair, Founder & CEO

Bianca Caampued, Co-Founder

Erica Mayyasi, Managing Director

Meghan Holston, Chief of Staff

Sara Giles, Executive Vice President

Sarah Yoon, Senior Vice President

Dustin Sveum, SVP, Brand Communications

Mary Whitlock, Vice President

Annie Jackson, Vice President & Deputy Chief of Staff

Kim Murphy, Vice President

Notable long-term clients:

Billie, General Electric, Olay, thredUP, Jack in the Box, Knix, Neiman Marcus Group, Yohana (Founder is former Google Nest CTO), Exos, Joy, Gymshark 

New client wins:

Zappos, Papier, Spindrift, Durex, TaskRabbit, Rover, Tonal, Coterie, Modern Age, Brahmin, KIKI, Wisp, Care/Of 

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“We pride ourselves on being first-movers in many areas, keeping our clients on the cutting edge of strategies and solutions that will not only positively impact their communications campaigns but also the bottom line. As an integrated agency, we wanted to approach growth in specific areas where we saw opportunities for clients emerging or evolving from a holistic perspective, incorporating insights from every service line at the company. Leadership Committees were rolled out in 2023 to focus those collective efforts on agency-wide areas of focus and provide opportunities for collaboration with staffers from across the agency. Each committee is self-run after setting objectives, action items, and KPIs for the year with our Managing Director. As each committee identifies an area of opportunity for us to operationalize on behalf of clients, we’ve taken steps to disseminate knowledge to our broader staff, create templates, and roll out new strategies and offerings. A great example of this is after our AI committee spent months of deep research, incorporating learnings from multiple industry sessions with organizations like the PR Council, and legal counsel review, they led a mandatory company-wide training which included a review of our code of conduct while using AI, a templatized “AI Prompts Bank” and how to disclose our use of AI to clients.”

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