The PR Net 100, 2023: Relevance International

Relevance International is celebrating 11 years of exceptional client work across the real estate, hospitality, design, architecture, travel and luxury goods industries – and most recently, public affairs, land use, B2B, technology and international affairs. The agency consistently delivers what they’ve dubbed the Relevance International Gold Standard through their offices in New York, Los Angeles and London – as their commitment is evidenced by their long standing client roster and new wins alike. As such, the agency evolves efficiently to deliver high-caliber work to clients. For example, the team recently revamped their capabilities deck to cater to busy prospective clients who typically spend weeks or months reviewing PR and marketing proposals. The updated deck is designed to be concise, visually appealing and includes bite-sized content like one-page case studies with KPIs – conveying the agency's know-how to potential clients in various industries fast. Relevance International has also expanded its event capabilities of late, having hired a digital marketing and events manager. The agency introduced new digital assets like QR codes, a revamped website and event branding, along with a digital check-in system. 

Leadership team: 

Suzanne Rosnowski, CEO & Founder 

Christopher Lanzaro, Chief Financial Officer 

Dane Wisher, Vice President – NY 

Flerine Cruz, Vice President – LA 

Anita Gryson, Director – UK 

Jamie Ley, Director – UK

Notable long-term clients:

Taconic Partners, The Ellinikon (Experience Centre + Project), Premier Estate Properties, MGAC, BLG Capital, Brand Atlantic (111 Olive and 300 Banyan), Bayport Funding, Royal Palm Companies, DLF, Tangram, F&T Group

New client wins:

The Ellinikon Project, La Liste, Crest Surf Clubs, Porto Montenegro, National Museum of the US Navy, Writesonic, Visit Kanazawa

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients. 

“It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives and methods of business. Relevance International is remaining one step ahead by embracing this new era and integrating AI into various aspects of agency life and client services. For example, Relevance has already fully incorporated AI capabilities into daily work on tasks like media lists, caption writing, content and trend research, and more. Additionally, Relevance has put together a dedicated AI capabilities deck detailing how we can use AI and tools like ChatGPT to service our clients in new and innovative ways. For many communications professionals, AI can be seen as a threat, however, in treating it as a supplement that will work in tandem with strategic planning already in place, the benefits of it are unlimited. The agency is also currently working on a byline piece about our findings from using AI as publicists, so that other industry professionals can benefit.” 

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