The PR Net 100, 2023: Krupa Consulting

Krupa Consulting amplifies the work of impact-driven brands determined to change the world. The agency’s work to influence cultural narratives includes purpose-driven partnerships with celebrities (think: Our Place x Selena Gomez spotlighting mental health) to forging strategic brand partnerships with investors via Access VC, a venture capital arm and BCorp. This year, Krupa Consulting launched EMERGING, a program that focuses on early-stage PR needs of purpose-driven brands, like media relations and brand visibility. The agency also introduced a brand and social offering to help brands develop cohesive messaging across all channels. Through its partnership with The Goods Mart, Krupa is now consulting emerging and mainstay brands in retail channels. The agency empowers their clients with DEIB training and education, too; as part of the new client onboarding process, clients are offered a customized 45-minute session through Backstory Consulting, covering topics like inclusive best practices and beyond. 

Leadership team: 

Rachel Krupa, Founder

Meredith Sidman, Head of PR

Kirsten Anderson, Vice President

Notable long-term clients:

Our Place, BALMUDA, Dame, Maman, The Goods Mart

New client wins:


Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“Brand consultancy: Krupa’s leadership team are experts in the CPG, hospitality, and wellness spaces, with more than a decade of experience advising and consulting founders on building their brands from the ground up. In addition to being a strategic PR partner, Krupa is committed to working with brands to advise and counsel them as they grow to be household names across retail and direct-to-consumer. Our ultimate goal is to help them generate revenue through forging relationships and making introductions with retailers, investors, and other notable contacts.”

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