The PR Net 100, 2023: Inkhouse

Inkhouse has grown organically over its 15-plus years, supporting a range of innovative technology clients, establishing footprints in seven cities and counting over 140 employees. This year, Inkhouse’s impact on the industry grew even larger, having joined the BerlinRosen Holdings network. The team’s expertise and efficacy was palpable in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, which affected many of their tech clients. From brainstorming sessions with agency CEO Beth Monaghan to the insight-packed rethINK PR weekly newsletter, the agency helped clients remain afloat and even thrive. This year, Inkhouse also rebranded their Story Crafting Workshop, a method they developed to help companies craft new narratives – and fast. Six-month processes became swift six-week projects that deliver an actionable framework to clients that can be used by everyone from sales and marketing to company boards. 

Leadership team: 

Beth Monaghan, Founder & CEO

Jason Morris, President

Alison Morra, Chief Operations Officer

Dan O’Mahony, Managing Director, Inkhouse West

Ed Harrison, Managing Director, Inkhouse East

Kate Riley, Executive Vice President & Pacific Northwest General Manager

Anne Baker, Executive Vice President & California General Manager

Tiffany Darmetko, Executive Vice President, Client Services

Keith Giannini, Executive Vice President

Samantha Mcgarry, Executive Vice President, Story Crafting

Julie Sellew, Executive Vice President & Assistant General Manager, New England

Lisa van der Pool, Executive Vice President, Media Strategy

Ursula Cassidy, Senior Vice President, People & Culture

Jennifer Mabius, Senior Vice President, Finance

Laura Garofalo, Senior Vice President, Marketing

Notable long-term clients:

Databricks, Dialpad, ForgeRock, Harvard University’s Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative, Incredible Health, The Markup, Raytheon, VMware, Xerox, ZwitterCo.

New client wins:

Assurance, CareAR, Eclipse Ventures, Hotel Engine, Ten31, Trovata

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“In the last year, The Great Resignation cooled off and so did the economy. Nearly every technology company, regardless if it was a startup or not, was forced to rethink budgets, plans and strategies across the board in order to do more with less. At Inkhouse, we saw a rapid change in business goals for our clients. And when the goals change, so do the PR tactics. For many clients, driving revenue during a down economy is a number one priority. While media relations remains the best way to establish industry credibility and broad awareness, our team helped our clients add more content marketing activities such as paid social campaigns, virtual events, influencer marketing campaigns and email newsletters in programs to not only build audiences but to also capture leads. Building long-term brand equity is what we’re after, but during times like these, it’s important to stay nimble and remember that showing immediate ROI in the short-term is what helps these technology companies fight for and keep their PR budgets.”

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