The PR Net 100, 2023: Full Picture

Full Picture is a collective of cross-industry experts that supports A-list celebrities and forward-thinking lifestyle brands. From Anastasia Soare’s Anastasia Beverly Hills 25th Anniversary dinner with Oprah, Kim Kardashian and more to leading an all-female Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to raise money and awareness for Yumi baby food brand through the Brand & Strategy Division, Full Picture makes headlines. Throughout the year, the team has emphasized focus on online reputation, social listening, brand perception analysis and 30-day sprints for their discerning clients across all divisions. Full Picture also gets creative with their digital capabilities, going beyond social media and influencer partnerships to leverage experiences like virtual or augmented reality to reach and engage audiences. Ask leadership what their key to success is, and they’ll likely answer that data analytics is crucial for building smart strategies and measuring the impact of any campaign. 

Leadership team: 

Desiree Gruber, Founder & CEO 
Liane Mullin, EVP Brand & Strategy
Christy Welder, EVP Strategic Communications
Ariel Nathanson, SVP Brand & Strategy 
Anne Walls, SVP Production
Bevin ORourke Lee, SVP Strategic Communications, Beauty & Wellness
Milan Blagojevic, SVP Strategic Communications, Talent & Entertainment
Loren O'Neill, VP Strategic Communications, Consumer & Corporate

Notable long-term clients:

Victoria Beckham Beauty, Jenny Just, Heidi Klum, Kardashian- Jenner Family, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsey Vonn, Environmental Working Group, Sean Combs’ Combs Global, Bobbie, Havenly, Interior Define, Cindy Eckert, Barcode, Burst Oral Care, Ellen DeGeneres 

New client wins:

Anastasia Beauty, Olaplex, Tate McRae

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“We find new and compelling ways to tell stories that resonate with audiences. We experiment with interactive storytelling techniques, multimedia content, user-generated content, or collaborations with artists across categories to create memorable and shareable experiences. We are industry experts keeping a pulse on the latest trends and inserting our clients wherever possible. Whether it be a CEO summit, industry conference, breakthrough podcast, global press feature or social media campaign, we find unique opportunities that maximize exposure with both the consumer and media.”

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