The PR Net 100, 2023: Foundation

Foundation supports sustainable, clean and inclusive beauty brands, boasting a curated roster of leaders in their respective categories. It’s been a busy year for the team – which now comprises two VPs working alongside the company founders – as they opened their Brooklyn HQ while building out their LA team and internship program (now open to remote workers). It’s been an exciting year on the client front, too, as many names on their roster won a range of coveted beauty awards. Foundation’s reputation has earned them a couple of recent high-profile wins: cult-favorite brands Youth To The People and Patrick Ta Beauty. To serve these boundary-pushing brands, the agency has expanded their offering to include influencer and affiliate programs as well as digital and print content creation. In keeping up with the times, Foundation recently began offering crisis management and executive leadership PR services including social media monitoring, thought leadership training and real-time crisis support.

Leadership team: 

Kelly Fobar Davis, Co-Founder 

Jenny Lin, Co-Founder

Notable long-term clients:

Nécessaire, Hero Cosmetics, Briogeo, Ellis Brooklyn, Homecourt by Courteney Cox, dpHUE, cocokind, good light Cosmetics, Hally, Naturopathica

New client wins:

Youth To The People, Patrick Ta Beauty, Oak Essentials by Jenni Kayne

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“Foundation is dedicated to showcasing our brands in the most innovative and impactful ways possible. This predominantly manifests through 360 PR / marketing launches inclusive of expertly crafted email marketing campaigns that exude the brand’s launch theme through highly curated social media channels to engage our community and keep them up to date on all the newness from our clients no matter where we meet them. This is true PR innovation, speaking to the press in creative ways either it be a beautiful designed social media post, a 10 sec. TikTok, our engaging email campaign, we are inspired by our brands and motivated to tell their story in an omni-channel manner. Additionally, as mentioned above, through the new practice areas that we’ve started offering, we are working in a stronger and deeper capacity with all our clients so that we are ultimately more impactful partners to them.”

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