The PR Net 100, 2023: Day One Agency

Under 10 years old, Day One Agency (D1A) propelled to the top of the agency landscape through its foundational belief that no one shares “content,” they share stories (an approach that landed them The PR Net’s Next Gen 2023 Agency of the Year award). To craft those socially shareable stories, the agency goes right to the source; this year, D1A relaunched their AskGenZ platform (visit to submit a question and get Gen Z’s wisdom emailed to you within 24 hours), and hosted their first-ever Ask Gen Z Dinner in New York where clients, creatives and partners connected IRL to chat about everything happening with Gen Z. The team has doubled down in its research and innovative development efforts, engaging both internal and external parties. Case in point: D1A initiated its Leadership Academy – a three-day offsite designed to cultivate exceptional leadership skills in their senior leadership team – and commissioned their first-ever Client Happiness Survey. On a mission to move at the speed of culture, Day One Studios is the team’s secret weapon for creating platform-right assets fast, making compelling content valuable for journalists and creators to help tell brand stories. 

Leadership team: 

Josh Rosenberg, CEO & Co-Founder 

Brad Laney, President & Co-Founder 

Rob Longert, Managing Partner & Co-Founder 

Jamie Falkowski, Chief Creative Officer + Partner 

Fiza Gujaran, EVP, Head of People, Culture and Diversity 

Heather Feit, EVP 

Ashley Hurst, Managing Director, EVP 

Brian Tsao, Group SVP 

Daniel Lustig, Group Creative Director 

Justin Thomas Kay, Group Creative Director 

Tim Clarke, Group SVP 

Gillian Kushner, Group SVP 

Britta Larson, GM, West 

Jacquie Vercollone, VP, Finance

Notable long-term clients:

American Express, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Nike, Meta, Beam, Suntory, Ferrara Candy Co. Soundly

New client wins:


Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“Day One Agency is built to move at the speed of culture. Lately, that focus has been more challenging and critical than ever. Why? Culture is splintering, moving, and shifting daily, and to keep up you've got to start fresh every day. To understand what keeps D1A at the forefront of social and influencer, you'll want to know a few things about us. We help brands EARN their place in culture. Sure we use paid, but we also know that no one shares "kind of cool." We’ve grown by creating work that people can’t stop talking about. When Nike turned 50, we used an influencer to turn a TikTok version of their brand track into the #2 trending sound on the platform. When Chipotle launched Garlic Guajillo steak, we generated the #1 highest social volume ever for a new menu item by debuting on Roblox. We build for the long-term. The best work comes from the best team. That's why we work to hire and empower a diverse, creative and curious group of Day Oners. We hire from everywhere. Universities, indie magazines, brands, startups — we've even hosted a hiring effort on TikTok.”

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