The PR Net 100, 2023: Daly

At the start of 2023, Daly rebranded as a comms+ agency, signaling their understanding of what PR and communications really means – and requires – today. The team now offers cross-category support – from media relations to influencer and affiliate marketing – for lifestyle clients both emerging and established. This forward-thinking approach includes services like social listening, employed to anticipate and address issues proactively, and capitalizing on niche press outreach, a strategy to build brand awareness and personal connections where customers are. Another fresh approach Daly’s recently introduced: by leveraging TikTok as a media platform, the team pitches to traditional online media as well as to their Tiktok pages for contributed content. Leadership’s methodology has benefited both clients and internal teams, as Daly has seen 100% employee retention for the past 2.5 years. 

Leadership team: 

Alex Daly, Founder 

Ally Bruschi, Partner & Managing Director

Notable long-term clients:

Stacy London, Pentagram, SommSelect, Tinder, Ovenly, Freitag, Playgirl Magazine, Sad Girls Club, For Them, Heilala, Penguin Random House

New client wins:

OLLY, Cannondale, Parable, Shef, Parallel, Space10, Little Spoon, Cargo Crew, Standards

Has your agency introduced any new service offerings or expanded into new practice areas in the past year? Please provide details and explain the rationale behind these developments. 

“We’ve been aware that the old way of PR hasn’t been working for quite some time, with the most dramatic changes having unfolded since 2020. This year, we decided to act on that growing sense that we really needed to start doing things differently—and talking about the way we did things differently, to match. That’s why at the beginning of 2023 we pivoted to branding ourselves as a comms+ agency. Our talented team offers customized, cross-category support tailored to each client’s needs, which includes everything from launch comms to ongoing media relations support, to affiliate marketing, intimate media event strategy, micro-influencer campaigns, and much more. Comms+ means we meet clients where they are, and support them where they actually need it—rather than trying to fit them into a templatised package filled with services that don’t serve them.”

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