The PR Net 100, 2023: Confidant

Confidant comprises a team of seasoned PR professionals who have left big agency life behind in favor of being on a smaller team with leadership-level colleagues. Confidant’s agile team of experts operates out of NYC (where you’ll find their PR Studio) and Nashville (home to their Creative Studio), and is tailored to in-house teams that need support with integrated storytelling across owned, earned and paid media. Their unique agency model is devoid of entry-level employees, which allows the team to go deeper, move faster and deliver better work to clients the first time around. As such, this year they bolstered their leadership team with the addition of two senior leaders, Marie-Sophie Lantin and Suzy Sammons, as well as two senior directors and two senior PR managers. 

Leadership team: 

Garland Harwood, Co-Founder & Principal (New York City)

Ken Byers, Co-Founder & Principal (Nashville)

Notable long-term clients:

Amazon, Sony, Shake Shack, BARK, the company behind BarkBox, Getaway, Perfect Day

New client wins:

The Urgent Company (TUC), LimeWire, Made Good

Has your agency introduced any new service offerings or expanded into new practice areas in the past year? Please provide details and explain the rationale behind these developments:

“Like all PR agencies, we have been exploring and experimenting with AI. However, we firmly believe that technology tends to automate tasks, not entire occupations and that humans will remain the strongest and most effective sources for authentic storytelling. That said, we utilize AI in order to save our team time and allow them to focus on more strategic work and dream of an effortless future for trendspotting and a faster path to insights-based strategies. We've experimented with generative AI tools like Jasper, Bard and ChatGPT to help with content creation – just getting past a blank screen, but there’s plenty of work still to do to get the story right.”

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