The PR Net 100, 2023: Collxab

Not your traditional agency, Collxab comprises a team of marketers, strategists and creatives that handle events and partnerships for influential individuals and brands. This model is clearly working: their curated talent roster has climbed from 10 to over 50, and over the last year, said talent has seen an increase in business revenue of over 400%, triple the amount of brand partnerships and increased media exposure. Collxab is also committed to giving back, employing their talent roster to help boost awareness around charitable events and moments; this year, for International Transgender Day of Visibility, the team had its entire talent roster contribute a clip for a YouTube video for Emira D’Spain, showcasing their admiration and support for her over her transition over the last year – which was later extended into a partnership with KLARNA and Verizon Visible. Their latest move: CollXab is expanding into new types of partnerships, such as product collaborations, capsule collections and personal brand merch. With new employees officially on board, the team is set to continue on their growth trajectory. 

Leadership team: 

Arleigh Banner, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Warren, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Caroline King, Brand and Talent Relations Director

Notable long-term clients:

Emira D'Spain IG: @xoxoemira TT: @xoxoemira Ming Lee Simmons IG: @mingleesimmons TT: @mingleesimmons Hayley Hasselhoff IG: @hhasselhoff TT: @hayleyhasselhoff FoodGod IG: @foodgod TT: @foodgod Haleigh Rosa IG: @halrosa TT: @halrosa Jocelyn Chew IG: @jocelyn TT: @jocelyn Dylan Geick IG: @dylangeick TT: @dylangeickofficial YT: @dylangeick Conor Kennedy IG: @jconnorkennedy Gaia Matisse IG: @gjmatisse Abby Rivera IG: @AbbyTheBadAssMom TT: @AbbyTheBadAssMom Brooks Marks IG: @brooksmarks TT: @brooksmarks Tonia Ranco IG: @RancoBeauty TT: @RancoBeauty Greer Grammer IG: @greer_grammer TT: @greer_grammer Ava Dash IG: @ava_dash TT: @avadashh Micah McLuarin IG: @PianoMicah TT: @PianoMicah Princess Noor Pahlavi IG: @NoorZPahlavi TyAna White IG: @UniquelyTyana TT: @UniquelyTyana Anife Toupeva IG: @AnifeToupeva TT: @AnifeToupeva Charlotte Bickley IG: @chbickley TT: @charlottehbickley Mike Tommasiello IG: @nydoorman TT: @nydoorman Twitter: @nydoorman Ann Caruso IG: @ann_caruso Victoria Brito IG: @vickatrillion TT: @vickatrillion Gemzeez IG: @gemzeez / @the_kaplan_twins TT: @the_kaplan_twins Boston Dental IG: @bostondental Lolea Sangria IG: @lolea_usa TAO Group Projects – Formula1, Don Julio x Shawn Mendes Activation IG: @TAOGroupHospitality ALT IG: @altxyzofficial TT: @altxyzofficial Dante Seaport IG: @dantenewyorkcity Flowcode IG: @getflowcode

New client wins:

Emira D’Spain X Kate Spade, Emira D’Spain X Stoney Clover, Amanda Frisch X Lancome, Alyssa Lorraine x Rimmel London Creator Crew, Anife Toupeva X L’Oreal Luxe, Ann Caruso X Patient Storytelling, Emira D’Spain X PUMA X JD SPORTS

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“Producing results across channels that look, sound and feel consistent is challenging. Great designers aren’t copywriters. Clever web developers don’t know about PR opportunities. Visual artists aren’t thinking about converting your audience into customers. We are not a company that does it all. We are a collaborative agency managing a community of experts ensuring our client list receives the absolute best of the best. We know how messy it can be to find the right people to work with. We are in the business of making collaborations easy for you. You need PR? We’ve got connections. You need a celebrity? We know a bunch. You need an artist? A designer? A photographer? A big-ass billboard? A dip into the metaverse? We’ve got you covered. Our network delivers results for our clients because people are at the heart of what we do.”

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