The PR Net 100, 2023: Chapter 2 Agency

Founded in 2016 by Clara Jeon and Kenneth Loo, Chapter 2 Agency supports industry disruptors across fashion, art & design, cannabis, Web3, gaming, sustainability and social impact. Known for bringing up-and-coming talent to the forefront of the industry, the agency recently debuted two new designers at Paris Fashion Week Men’s – handling everything from concept, communications and VIP outreach to on-site event management. Chapter 2’s fashion practice has also seen memorable collaborations this year, including Sesso x Levi's, FUBU x Black Fashion Fair and Tombogo x Nike. Further demonstrating their devotion to fostering future-focused individuals and ideas, Chapter 2 recently launched their Emerging Technology Division, which ultimately connects their existing sustainability capabilities with innovations like blockchain, AI and more. 

Leadership team: 

Clara Jeon, Co-Founder

Kenneth Loo, Co-Founder

Notable long-term clients:

Terminal, NIKE, Ledger, PUMA, The Fabricant, FUBU, gmoney, No Sesso, RAW Rolling Papers, Pure Beauty, MAS Holdings, Bluesign, TOMBOGO, Bluesign, MAS Holdings, Saitex, Dim Mak/Steve Aoki, Elevate Cannabis, Emerald Cup

New client wins:

Ledger, PUMA, The Fabricant, Death Row Records, Death Row Cannabis, WAV Cannabis (Elevate Holdings)

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“Our agency has established itself as a purpose-driven entity, renowned for our unique approach that goes beyond the surface. We have a 360-integrated marketing and communications practice that we tailor for each client, each campaign, each challenge. No two projects have ever been done the same way. We have a track record of identifying and working with the most promising talent in the focused fields we operate in. Our reputation is that of being pioneers in new industries, discovering and nurturing creatives and innovative talent and championing their visions and storytelling. Distinguishing ourselves as the first agency with an ‘Emerging Technologies’ division, we wholeheartedly embrace the integration of AI, blockchain, Web3, and virtual environments across all our campaigns and teams. These transformative tools and services have significantly streamlined the workload for both our staff and leadership, becoming an integral part of our daily operations. They play a pivotal role in shaping our strategies and efficiently managing communications. Across all divisions, Chapter 2 continues to innovate how we interact with the media and amplify our clients’ messaging across all consumable media platforms and outlets. Each client and campaign is designed to combine media relations, VIP, events and experiences, and strategic organic opportunities to keep our clients in the conversation and purposeful in their storytelling.” 

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