The PR Net 100, 2023: Blue Medium Inc.

Blue Medium serves the visual arts, architecture and design communities, representing museums, art fairs, galleries, art festivals, academic institutions, studios and like-minded organizations. In addition to supporting clients across comms, the team introduced Bower Blue, a digital strategy and content agency that empowers them to create highly-tailored digital content to maximize exposure via digital and social media platforms. Beyond their impactful client work, the Blue Medium team works to foster creativity and collaboration for all. Last year, Blue Medium’s Australian-born founder launched The Beverley, an Art Writers Travel Grant to Australia, in conjunction with the American Australian Association. This unrestricted annual grant allows an independent art or culture writer to visit Australia to explore its art, design and culture communities. Most recently, Blue Medium was invited to join the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a global movement of leaders doing business in ways that benefit people, our communities, and the planet—tackling issues of inequality and climate change present in our current capitalist model. 

Leadership team: 

John Melick, Founder and President 

Michelle DiLello, Partner, Architecture + Design

Andy Cushman, Account Director, Visual Arts

Notable long-term clients:

Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA); City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places (Miami, FL); Fabric Workshop & Museum (Philadelphia, PA); Forman Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA); HOWL! Happening (New York); Kallir Research Institute (New York); Mystic Seaport Museum (Mystic, CT); Robert Rauschenberg Foundation (New York); The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation (New York); Beyer Blinder Belle (New York, Washington, DC, Boston); Friedman Benda Gallery (New York, Los Angeles); Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI); SWA Group (New York); WRNS Studio (Honolulu, New York, San Francisco, Seattle)

New client wins:

The Trustees of Reservations (Massachusetts); Templeton Religion Trust Art Seeking Understanding (Bahamas); Farshid Moussavi Architecture (London); Metabolic Studio (Los Angeles)

Has your agency introduced any new service offerings or expanded into new practice areas in the past year? Please provide details and explain the rationale behind these developments.

“Over the last several years, Blue Medium has recognized the value and impact of a digital strategy to complement our clients’ PR efforts via working in tandem with Bower Blue. Well- crafted and timed content allows our clients to control some of the narratives surrounding the rollout and launch of a project, and allows our clients to promote some aspects of their projects that the media might not necessarily gravitate towards. A well-formulated digital strategy can also drive, more directly, engagement and new audiences. Blue Medium has also expanded offerings in the fields of more discrete crisis communications consulting and PR. While we don’t list these clients on our roster, they are mainly in service of art and design organizations.”

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