The PR Net 100, 2023: 360PR+

Known for pioneering some of the first influencer programs for brands back in the early 2000s, 360PR+ is a full-service PR firm offering services across earned media, digital marketing, social media strategy, corporate comms and more. This year saw the agency push the envelope again, this time with two transformative acquisitions: CRC, which specializes in fashion and beauty, and Powers Brand Communications, which supports retail and franchise businesses. 360PR+ also launched adult beverage specialist agency Three Cheers – further diversifying their capabilities for clients. On the services front, the agency just launched 360PR+ AGENDA, a branded offering of thought leadership and executive communications services. A woman-owned business, leadership is as focused on success internally; 360PR+ recently implemented a new professional development platform – 360PR+ PEP (Professional Enrichment Programming) – with four key pillars: DEI, Creativity & Innovation, Account Management and Campaign Measurement. Every initiative stands to benefit the internal and external 360PR+ family, like the newly launched environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program designed to audit and formalize their approach to ESG for employees and advancing their expertise for clients. 

Leadership team: 

Laura Tomasetti, Founder and CEO 

Victoria Renwick, Partner

Michael Rush, Partner

Notable long-term clients:

BIC Skin Creative, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, GIANT Food, Harlequin Publishing, Hasbro, Marchon Eyewear, National Geographic Media, Nintendo of America, Restore Hyper Wellness, SimpliSafe, Trek Bicycle, United Natural Foods Inc., Virgin Atlantic, Wellness Pet, Xperi

New client wins:

SUNNYD Vodka Seltzer, Trainline

Explain how your agency is pushing the boundaries of PR and communications by integrating innovative strategies, tools, or technologies to enhance your offerings and benefit your clients.

“360PR+ has long been known by brands and influencers alike as a best practice leader in influencer marketing, having launched some of the first influencer programs for brands in the early 2000s. Over the past year, as influencers have become more central to brand marketing, we’ve invested in tools and training to increase the efficacy of influencer marketing for clients. This starts with an investment in a database of 2 million+ influencers with advanced filtering tools and extends to analytics training to ensure we connect the dots between influencer content and measurable outcomes, with a focus not just on top of the funnel awareness, but on engagement and clicks that drive downloads and sales. We’ve also integrated our influencer specialists and our social media specialists to add increased expertise in paid amplification of influencer campaigns, making that a cornerstone of programming, helping to extend reach and engagement, delivering more value from influencer content.”

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