The PR Net 100, 2022: Superjuice

You may not know Superjuice by name (yet), but if you know Pizza Hut and The Kardashians on Hulu, you’ve had a taste of the agency’s work. Founded by Maggie Gallant, Superjuice stands out not only for its high-profile reality series clients (they also worked with The D’Amelio Show), but for its roots: Gallant built her PR firm from APA talent agency, which owns Superjuice. It makes sense, then, that the agency has been so successful working with celebs and networks like ABC, HGTV, Discovery+ and Hulu (they just won their entire food programming slate). Also new on the agency’s roster: Genexa, the world’s first clean medicine company, which is backed by celebrity investors like Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Pratt and Don Cheadle. With a client list like this, all hands are on deck: at Superjuice, every person on the team works across both entertainment and brand clients to ensure they deliver trend-forward programs and fresh, creative thinking.

Leadership team:

Maggie Gallant, Founder

Lauren Kenyon, Senior Vice President

Notable long-term clients:

HGTV, Travel Channel, Discovery+, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Hulu, Chloe’s, ABC, American Idol

New client wins:

Genexa, Varo, Pizza Hut, Hulu’s The Kardashians, Hulu 2022 Food Programming

How is the agency advancing DEI in the industry?

“With the services we offer, one of the best ways we can advance DEI is by supporting BIPOC content creators and forming powerful alliances with our clients, from ensuring that BIPOC influencers were among the few invited to cover the Kardashians during our Hulu press junket to connecting them to Pizza Hut which led to a record-breaking endorsement deal for emerging artist and BMF star Lil Meech. In addition to content creators, we support BIPOC media outlets often by offering them exclusives first and ensuring they are prioritized when we set up media days for our talent and spokespeople. In recent years many of these outlets have folded, so by offering them audience-driving content, we hope to play a small role in helping these remaining outlets to thrive. As cited by Forbes, it costs one-quarter of a million dollars more for Black entrepreneurs to start the same businesses as their white peers, due in large part to the lack of access to high-level mentorship for BIPOC entrepreneurs. Keeping this top of mind, our VPs, Head Designer and Founder all commit time each month and invite entrepreneurs into our offices to listen to their challenges and offer PR and marketing insights. When needed we also help connect them to other contacts of ours. This entrepreneurial give back program was inspired by a partnership we created between the Slutty Vegan Founder Pinky Cole and Varo, the first all digital bank in the US. We concepted a campaign that gave over 40 entrepreneurs in Atlanta the money to fund their own LLC – giving them the kick-start they needed to start their businesses and go after their dreams.”

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