The PR Net 100, 2022: Sling & Stone

Global PR and communications agency Sling & Stone has seen a monumental year of growth. Their US HQ welcomed five new team members, and kicked off campaigns with nine new clients across three new industry sectors (retail, auto and travel) in 2022 alone. On a global scale, the agency joined the VCCP Business network of agencies around the world, a move that allows the team to stay 100% independent but tap into VCCP’s global partners for business growth, new client opportunities and learning and development. Also of note: the opening of the fourth S&S global office in Singapore and the formation of the JEDI taskforce, a DEI initiative with members from all the agency’s offices around the world and representatives of diverse groups across the team. S&S takes care of their team with a range of benefits and wellness programs, from physical and mental health days to paid parental leave and compassionate leave for pregnancy loss policies.

Leadership team:

Vuki Vujasinovic, Founder & CEO

Notable long-term clients:

Pathmatics, Sendle, Buildkite

New client wins:

InVia Robotics, Ignition, Kami, C3 by SBE, EVCS, Kicks Crew, Minoan, Riparide

How are you innovating and moving the industry forward?

“Sling & Stone’s mission is to unearth, craft and share the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the future. Our clients are challengers, disruptors and tastemakers who are creating the future of how we live, work and play. We have a strict vetting process for potential clients and turn brands away if they don’t meet our criteria. This not only ensures we stick to our mission, but creates a workplace where employees feel excited to tell their clients’ stories. The industry has drastically shifted over the last 10 years and accelerated even further since COVID hit in 2020. As mastheads shrunk, the newscycle remains tumultuous and paid social ads become brands' lifeline to success, it’s become increasingly important to diversify and level up our service offering. As such, we’ve made it a point to offer an integrated component of every strategy or proposal that is easily enmeshed with a client’s marketing plans. As such, we’ve been able to showcase the true depth of knowledge we as comms professionals have beyond solely PR, and the value stories that stick has across all marketing channels more effectively than bland ads. As a result, we’ve increased our average retainer size by 20 percent, launched most of our clients' first forays into marketing initiatives and have been able to showcase the true value PR can bring when working in tandem with brand awareness strategies.”

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