The PR Net 100, 2022: Maverick Creative

Since its launch in August 2019, Maverick Creative has been hard at work solidifying its position as the lifestyle agency for brand-level communications, and the boutique agency has had major names in travel (read: Rocco Forte Hotels, Graduate Hotels and Arlo Hotels) engage them for PR and social media services. In this last year, the agency expanded its creative offerings, increasing content capture and social media photography services to include video capture for Reels and TikTok. Maverick Creative, along with sister company Hawkins International PR, were both acquired by FINN Partners, a significant accomplishment for the young company of just 15 employees. Now, with the resources of a company like FINN Partners, the agency is better positioned than ever to tap cross-industry expertise from tech and crisis comms to publishing and beyond.

Leadership team:

Catherine Colford, Managing Director

Notable long-term clients:

Hyatt's Lifestyle and Luxury portfolio (Thompson Hotels, Andaz Hotels and Resorts, Alila Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Centric, Park Hyatt, Caption by Hyatt), the Nines, The Shelbourne, The Alexandrian and Morrison House, The Point

New client wins:

Rocco Forte Hotels, Graduate Hotels, Arlo Hotels, Luxury Frontiers, Blueground, Graduate Nashville, Graduate Roosevelt Island

How are you innovating and moving the industry forward?

“[We are] always adapting and finding new ways to share our client news and wins. For example, knowing that many of our clients, especially at the brand level, are rolling out new programming and offerings on a regular basis (lucky us!), but also recognizing that our media friendlies are receiving sometimes hundreds of pitches per day, we wanted to strike a balance that addresses both of those scenarios. We've begun working with a designer to build media ‘cheat sheets’ by hotel or brand that we send out on a quarterly basis. These highly visual, engaging and well-received one sheets have paid dividends in terms of press coverage – they're the gift that keeps on giving! Sometimes if the average pitch isn't landing, especially in a sea of pitches, it is helpful to go back to the drawing board and reinvent the wheel as necessary. We see this as an everyday example of innovation/industry breakaway as we never restrict ourselves to ‘what has been done before,’ and we're always looking for new strategies to engage media in ways that work for them. In our eyes, that is communications in 2022 – keep it fresh, keep it clear and most of all, keep it interesting.”

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