The PR Net 100, 2022: Evins

Evins has been an industry leader for decades, but what sets the agency apart today isn’t just storied heritage – it’s the leadership's commitment to thinking outside the traditional PR box. Most recently, the team introduced the new Evins PR+ model, which encapsulates and explains all that the team does for their clients, highlighting services outside the usual media relations checklist like advocacy marketing, conversation monitoring, business counsel and crisis communications. Of course, properly showing clients the business impact of “new” PR relies on metrics, and the team is focusing on a new set of analytics to showcase success beyond impressions and AVEs to show engagement, conversation, action and sales – all through the effectiveness of a well-executed PR strategy.

Leadership team:

Mathew Evins, Chairman

Notable long-term clients:

Maker’s Mark, Halekulani, Jet Linx, Trinchero Family Estates, DUX, National Limousine Association

New client wins:

Royal Hawaiian Center, Kaspar & Esh, The Knickerbocker Hotel (returning), Cornbread Hemp, United Mail

What have been some of the agency’s greatest successes of the past year?

“Evins is extremely proud of the work that we have accomplished on behalf of our clients over the past year. We all know that the recent landscape has been fraught with challenges and set-backs, but we have used this time to also seek out the opportunities to better communicate, differentiate and define our clients’ brands and businesses to their target audiences.”

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