The PR Net 100, 2022: Elle Communications

Led by founder Danielle Finck, Elle Communications is on a mission to showcase the good in the world by amplifying stories of progress, innovation and the pioneers who are driving it. The conscious communications agency has teams in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, and works with mission-centered brands, nonprofits, social enterprises, CSR teams, sustainably-made products, political activists, and leaders who are making the world a better place through their ideas and endeavors. Most recently, Elle has expanded into social impact consulting for various clients, either as part of its full suite of services or as a standalone offering. As experts in the space, Elle works with individuals and brands to identify areas of opportunity within CSR, helping to expand this area of the business ensuring that meaningful impact is made organizationally. DEI is inherent to the work the team does; more than 45 percent of its clients are led by Black and Brown leaders.

Leadership team:

Danielle Finck, Founder & CEO

Silvie Snow-Thomas, President

Catherine Pope, Vice President

Notable long-term clients:

Seed, Glo, Cleobella, Nisolo, Civic Responsibility Project, National Voter Registration Day, Pizza to the Polls, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Protect the Sacred, National Immigration Law Center, Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, Resilience Force, Dr. Edith Eger, Helena Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, Ai-jen Poo, Mónica Ramírez, Michael Tubbs

New client wins:

Starling Jewelry, Helpsy, Nowatch, Copper Books, goodbuy, Mission:Joy, End Poverty in California (EPIC), Advancement Project, The Latinx House

How are you innovating and moving the industry forward?

“Commitment to discernment of social and environmental impact is pushing the most deserving ideas forward in the impact landscape. Leading with a unique brand of kindness and compassion in our storytelling efforts that keep both media and clients coming back to Elle time and time again, especially as it relates to issue areas and human interest stories that can be challenging. Just some of these areas include criminal justice reform, guaranteed income pilots for struggling families, policing, immigration, abortion rights, and changing the narrative around marginalized groups in our country. Helping to shift the way PR people think about and communicate with our colleagues in the media, ensuring journalists and producers are seen as the humans they are, providing them the best and most interesting stories, never ‘pitching just to pitch,’ and building thoughtful personal and professional relationships with journalists that strengthen their trust in publicists and the industry.”

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