The PR Net 100, 2022: Communité

The PR and influencer marketing pros at Communité had their hands particularly busy this year, especially in navigating Hill Home House through its giant viral success of the Nap Dress (and the brand’s subsequent growth). Led by founder Danielle McGrory, the agency has remained a leader in the fast-paced world of social media by staying at the forefront of trends, like shifting its influencer campaign focus from images to video and TikTok. Another noteworthy focus on the influencer front: keeping clients accountable for consistent representation and inclusion, with strong representation across ethnicities, age, body types and geography across campaigns. Their work with BarbieStyle shows solid examples of their efforts to ensure strategy and resources are allocated to a diverse set of partners and collaborators. They were the brains behind the BarbieStyle x Harlem's Fashion Row project celebrating Black History Month, and also executed the first-ever BarbieStyle Collection for International Women's Day, representing a diverse range of female founders across brands like Live Tinted, Autumn Adebigo and Nette candles. 

Leadership team:

Danielle McGrory, Founder

Notable long-term clients:

Hill House Home, Megababe, Katie Sturino, BarbieStyle

New client wins:

Tenoverten, Catbird, Bonberi, Jamie Beck's forthcoming book, "An American in Provence"

How are you innovating and moving the industry forward?

“As a digital-first agency, we are constantly innovating our approach and evolving with the ever-changing media landscape. From print media and broadcast to Instagram and TokTok, we are constantly placing our clients in front of best-in-class outlets and platforms to reach broad and diverse audiences.”

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