The PR Net 100, 2022: Brandstyle Communications

Led by founder Zoe Weisberg Coady, Brandstyle Communications’ greatest successes over the past year have been the result of thoughtfully building out a dynamic team and fostering an employee-first company culture. Key new hires include the agency’s first COO, seasoned executive Amy Janzen, who is an accomplished strategist, planner and implementer. Improving client service qualities has been a priority over the past year, which includes ensuring that clients understand what’s happening outside of their markets. It also means that clients seeking PR understand the importance of putting time and energy into the relationship. In that vein, the agency has recently refocused to be more intentional with their portfolio, organizing clients into the verticals that they currently operate in and continue to expand upon. These categories include Robotics (3PL, supply chain and logistics), Meta (NFTs), Capital (VCs and PEs), Closet, Cabinet, Pantry (fashion, food, wellness), Real Estate and Impactful Technology (alternative data, dynamic tech applications).

Leadership team:

Zoe Weisberg Coady, Founder & CEO

Notable long-term clients:

FarmHouse Fresh, Ntirety, Locus Robotics

New client wins:

Rowan, AUFI, Bulls & Apes Project, SCUTI, Branded Bills

How are you innovating and moving the industry forward?

“We are leading with ideas. As an agency, we believe ‘news’ does not always lead to a change in perception. We value original concepts, macro trends and crafting a story that’s relevant and presents a new idea. These seem basic, but we’ve found them to be what our clients hire us for – the company profile, the founder story, the visionary piece; leadership and development ideas. For brands that don’t have the flashiest branding, the most dynamic stakeholders or high-profile partners, this work is critical.”

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