The PR Net 100, 2022: 10Fold Communications

Having supported over 400 B2B tech firms since its inception, 10Fold Communications has become a go-to agency for this discerning client segment thanks to its dedication to fostering a powerful team. This past year, the agency invested in training software that helps lead to quicker promotions, increased client satisfaction and upskilled staff. They invested in third-party training and certifications from organizations such as Hubspot, KCG analyst training and crisis communications training, and Duarte Speech Coaching, plus started building a software solution to replace typical month-end reporting and cover any timeframe with the push of a button. The agency also expanded its capabilities to help more innovators change the world. Senior VP Nina Gill expanded operations with a new practice around healthcare and health-tech, and her group has become the agency of record for a multi-billion dollar health-tech client, along with many others. Leaders Caitlin Haskins and Kimberly Diesel expanded the company’s presence in Austin and San Diego, respectively. In addition to geographic expansion, 10Fold expanded services by adding social media offerings and partnering with HubSpot to augment demand generation teams to track the impact of the agency’s PR and social media initiatives to meet sales engagement goals. The agency has had a momentous year of innovation and growth with 18 new digital clients in 2022.

Leadership team:

Susan Thomas, CEO

Notable long-term clients:

AttackIQ, Itron, ParkourSC, Jumio

New client wins:

Cloudsphere, Oomnitza

How is the agency advancing DEI in the industry?

“Founded by a minority in business (a female owner), 10Fold understands the strength of cultivating a sense of empowerment and belonging at work. We aim to foster an inclusive environment through educational team-bonding exercises highlighting the diverse cultures of our wonderful employees. This year, our virtual company offsite immersed employees into a cultural melting pot through a series of team-based competitions. Employees of multiple races, ethnicities, genders and sexualities teamed together to complete a series of culturally educational trivia questions, highlighting their unique personal experiences and improving fellow 10Folders’ knowledge of their co-workers' distinctive traditions and diverse backgrounds. Our offsites transparently go through all the aspects of the business and give everyone a chance to contribute, offering their thoughts and ideas of where we might improve and how we might go forward. Through learning and engaging with our employees, 10Fold strives to create an environment where each individual feels comfortable presenting their authentic selves. Not only are we committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees and potential candidates, but we also devote our efforts to continue improving our company culture through the educational enrichment of our employees' unique history and experiences.”

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