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Small Girls PR

Small Girls PR has HQs in New York and Los Angeles, working on everything from mergers to media coverage, partnerships to experiential production and more. Over the last year and a half, the agency has doubled down on their thesis that PR partnership is more than just press by adding three new service lines to continue marketing to the moment we live in. In response to the changing consumer climate, Small Girls has expanded into virtual event productions, from sold out Zoom rooms to live Amazon shopping events. They also built a paid broadcast arm, managing on-air presence across national and local markets, and added crisis communications and reputation management to their portfolio. With the addition of these new services, the agency has also grown the senior leadership team to support growth, on both the account and operations sides.

Notable long-term clients

Billie, General Electric, Olay, thredUP

Recent client wins

Madewell, Harry’s Inc., Boll & Branch, Neiman Marcus Group, Lean In, Madison Reed, Samsung NEXT, Jackbox Games, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Co.

Is there a big industry trend you’re backing in terms of your agency offering, and why do you think this area will continue to grow and influence the PR practice?

Small Girls PR is heavily focused on sustainability, having grown a dedicated practice with certified professionals over the last three years. As consumers demand radical transparency and a mindset that considers the environmental impact of business, sustainability has increasingly become a "must-have" as opposed to a "nice-to-have" for us. It is imperative that companies understand key ESG risks and opportunities, and that we, as their PR partners, work with them to effectively harness and communicate to key audiences. To ensure that we are experts in this area and to make an invested commitment to societal change and progress, we’ve both sent senior leaders to NYU Stern’s Executive Education Program focused on corporate sustainability and hired from FIT’s Sustainable Design continuing education program. In addition, we’ve hired top talent from circular economy leaders like Rent the Runway & Tradesy; brought our client, ThredUP—the online consignment store—public in March 2021; and launched Madewell Forever, a collaboration between ThredUp and Madewell to expand denim trade-in and recycling programs.



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