The PR Net 100: Nylon Consulting

Nylon Consulting

Nylon Consulting is a New York-based PR and social media agency serving the design community and notably brokering partnerships for their clients with The Met Gala, Bergdorf Goodman, Moda Operandi and Anthropologie. Founder Laura Bindloss was recently invited to join the Design Leadership Network, an invite-only organization of some of the design industry's top professionals and CEOs in their field. Nylon Consulting added a social media division 18 months ago and today it comprises nearly half the firm with services such as influencer marketing, social media strategy, content creation and workshops. They have doubled in size in the past two years, moved to a new office location in Gramercy and have added TikTok to their list of services. Having gained reverence in the industry for their ability to produce headline grabbing collaborations, they are being contracted by brands just to work on partnerships. In late 2021/early 2022, the firm will launch a YouTube channel focused on showcasing the talent of interior designers to make a house a home.

Notable long-term clients

de Gournay, Sasha Bikoff, Society Social, Artistic Tile, The Business of Home

Recent client wins

Framebridge, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, The New York Design Center

What was your biggest business challenge this year and how did your team overcome it?

We have had to constantly redefine our offering to provide the right kind of value to our clients. The role of what a true partner looks like is changing, and is different for each client - we are being asked to step into more of a marketing support and creative role and then market the end result to press more and more. Our way of working the past 71/2 years no longer works, and we have more going on than ever - stories to pitch, relationships to build, partners to look for, ideas to make things relevant. We've worked at overcoming it by 1) surveying our clients to ask what they want 2) re-defining what success looks like, and by calling out when "pitch the story" isn't the answer to get the result the client is looking for. We have realized many of our clients lack the fundamental building blocks for securing the types of features they desire, so we are trying to work with them to get the right information and assets in place to get them to where they want to go. PR, is as ever, an ever shifting beast that will not look the same tomorrow as it did today.

What are you most proud of as a leader?

Retaining every member of staff during 2020, showing up for our clients when it was really hard and all of us were scared, and launching and building a successful social media division from scratch, when there was no playbook or guide for us to follow.

Is there a big industry trend you’re backing in terms of your agency offering, and why do you think this area will continue to grow and influence the PR practice? 

Influencer marketing is an essential part of PR now, but in the home space it is still a hard category to navigate for brands that are in the luxury space or that don't have huge activation budgets. Content is king; it is different for each medium and what is relevant is either 1) educational or 2) entertaining. No one cares about a new collection launch.

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