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No. 29 Communications

Given their focus on sustainability and impact, the past year has been a busy one for No. 29 co-founders Melody Serafino and Erin Allweiss. As brands realize the importance of doing better, new clients have tapped No. 29 to help them authentically approach impact PR. Last year, the duo launched Enough. (, a media platform that highlights the people and brands who are solving environmental problems and providing alternative models to runaway capitalism. They describe it as a platform "for those who are fed up but aren't giving up." Enough. consists of a newsletter and storytelling platform edited by journalist Esha Chhabra and a podcast produced by Pineapple Street Studios. Serafino and Allweiss are regular panelists on topics related to sustainability PR and storytelling and have spoken at conferences and at events around the city and the world.

Notable long-term clients

VEJA, TED, Happiest Baby/SNOO, Oliver Jeffers, ReFED, Aqua-Spark

Recent client wins

Ephemeral, Moxie, Happy Family Organics

Is there a big industry trend you’re backing in terms of your agency offering, and why do you think this area will continue to grow and influence the PR practice?

When No. 29 launched in 2013, the words “sustainability” and “impact” were not the buzzwords they are today. Long before it was “cool” to talk about these topics, we identified an opportunity to tell meaningful stories about the brands and organizations that were doing better for people and the planet. Over the past year, No. 29 has grown nearly two-fold as more brands are seeking true partners that understand how to do impact-focused PR authentically. Never has there been more urgency around sustainability and impact, particularly on the heels of this week's IPCC climate report. We can no longer wait. Not thinking about sustainability and your impact on the world is outdated. As brands recognize the importance of doing better, our work has become even more critical in cutting through the greenwashing and partnering with people who are advancing change in the world in thoughtful ways.

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