The PR Net 100: Jennifer Bett Communications (JBC)

Jennifer Bett Communications (JBC)

Jennifer Bett Communications supports start-ups and competitive brands with a thoughtful approach to public relations. JBC has added many services and additional methods of growth and development in the last 12 months; the agency built entire divisions around team members’ expertise, including a thought leadership division that elevates founder voices, a content division led by a seasoned fashion journalist and a broadcast division that thinks more like a producer than a publicist. Most recently, JBC started offering media training as a part of client scope as well, providing brands with professional communications coaching where needed. JBC also made new investments in content, launching “The Platform,” a podcast and a content hub to support entrepreneurs. The podcast is hosted by JBC partners Jennifer Meyer and Melissa Conner and features guests from some of today’s buzziest brands. JBC has also instituted ongoing agency pro-bono consultations to hundreds of start-up founders via “Office Hours," one-on-one virtual sessions that identify solutions to help accelerate brands. Finally, as women in business, the JBC team takes personal responsibility to ensure that women and BIPOC founded brands are both well-represented and well-supported across PR agencies with a public platform.

Notable long-term clients

Farmgirl Flowers, Female Founders Fund, Floyd, Hatch, Parachute, Recess, Tia and The Yes

Recent client wins

Bearaby, Coterie, Fashionphile, Foxtrot, Immi, Realm, Studs

What are you most proud of as a leader?

JBC has been a mission-backed organization since its launch in 2014, and as the agency continues to grow, has relied almost entirely upon its trusted relationships, strong moral code and shared values to navigate its way through each and every hill and valley. All of our brand partners are building something greater that carries more weight than their own conversation rates. Whether it’s fostering climate justice or reimagining women’s healthcare, JBC brands are ultimately working to make the world a more responsible, beautiful place.

As women in business ourselves, we take personal responsibility to ensure that women and BIPOC founded brands are both well-represented and well-supported across those public relations agencies with a public platform. While only 3% of business investments goes to women, roughly 80% of our brands are founded, owned and/or operated by individuals who identify as women. Additionally, Less than 1% of business investment goes toward BIPOC founders, and in their first year, only 1% of BIPOC  businesses obtain loans they apply for.

Over the last year, JBC looked for new avenues where we could use our company platform for a larger purpose. Project X is a new division within JBC supported by our senior team members to help elevate deserving, early-stage businesses driving change in their respective industries. Without equal access to capital due to systemic inequality, startups founded by women and BIPOC entrepreneurs simply don't have the same access to creative counseling, brand and voice development, or top-tier PR services that are proven to be foundational for investment opportunities and stable growth.

JBC also piloted three Workshop conferences in both LA and NYC. Backed by Visa and Rebecca Minkoff’s The Female Founder Collective, these events were attended by 1,500+ female founders and acted as a launch pad to help businesses reach new heights. With this unique style of conference, attendees were able to address specific issues with a specific founder including the nitty-gritty of business development, finance taboos, legal questions, social strategies, and recruiting to benchmarks for how large PR and media budget allocations should be on services.

JBC is committed to using its position as brand builders thoughtfully and responsibly and hope that through these efforts the team will lend a hand in building towards a more diverse, inclusive and equitable world.

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