The PR Net 100: H&S


H&S founder Elizabeth Harrison has positioned her communications agency to be as much of a leader in PR as a cultural force. Service-wise, the company supports clients across fashion, food & beverage, hospitality, entertainment and technology through strategic communications. The pandemic prompted another type of service, designed to address diversity and equity in the workplace; H&S partnered with Reframe, the People Operations Platform, to provide clients and executives the support to assess their work environments and how their employees feel about how inclusive and equitable their company is. Internally, H&S saw new hires and promotions strengthening its leadership team, with Anina Bose promoted to Senior Lifestyle Director and newly-appointed Chief Brand Officer, Veronica Rodriguez.

Notable long-term clients

Bacardi, Omega,

Recent client wins 

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Brightside, Wilson Sporting Goods, Central Park Tower

What are you most proud of as a leader?

Our priority as an agency is our culture. There’s a pretty simple reason: you can’t claim to be purveyors of cultural relevance and not have it be at the heart of your internal mission. We provide the opportunities, resources and encouragement to our staff to work flexibly, be adaptable, seek out the unexpected and push the boundaries of traditional work “culture” in a way that inspires our experience makers to go that extra step and think past the ordinary.

H&S culture is inclusive, supportive, and vibrant. We not only advance our professional goals, we accelerate our own assent in pressing our fingers to the pulse of the people. H&S equals community: collaboration, sharing, discussions, disagreements and ultimately deployment—we are all in it together.

H&S checks the benefit boxes every other agency will mention but Elizabeth fully believes that floating along in this time of terrible upheaval isn’t going to cut it. Be bold. Drive society forward. Be better. And make a meaningful impact. At H&S, she firmly believes in being challenged and encourages everyone to try and see the world from an outside perspective.

To address the complexities of creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture in today’s new normal even further, H&S has partnered with Reframe, the People Operations Platform, to provide clients and executives from any size company the real-time ability to culturally assess how employees and teams feel about how inclusive and equitable their place of work is. This heavy load of managing a multigenerational, remote teams, while navigating extreme cultural tensions like COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter has led us to create unique, tailored services to so clients are equipped with the right tools and methods for building a more culturally inclusive workplace that is both sustainable and scalable.

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