The PR Net 100: GALLERY PR


Sonia Hendrix is a leader in the cannabis PR space, and her boutique agency has long represented some of the most innovative brands. For example, she was behind the launch of Wonderbrett’s dispensary in West Hollywood, which was the most publicized dispensary opening in the history of cannabis. She uses her fashion and PR background to fold cannabis into fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment media and social media. Outside of this sector, GALLERY PR signed the acclaimed culinary diplomat and restaurateur Chef William Dissen, who pioneered farm-to-table style restaurants in the Southeast. Hendrix has also expanded her service offerings to include crisis communications.

Notable long-term clients 

dosist, SHERBINSKIS, designer Recho Omondi, Wonderbrett, Burb, Light Culture Hosted by David Hershkovits (co-founder of Paper magazine)

Recent client wins

Fab 5 Freddy (cultural icon and co-founder of B Noble), Raeven Duckett (a pioneer of equity for BIPOC in cannabis)

What was your biggest business challenge this year and how did your team overcome it?

Our biggest business challenge this year was closing our LA office as a result of the COVID pandemic and lack of need for an office in one of our largest markets. It just didn’t make good business sense to keep it open. The decision to close was a hard one, but the correct one, as the team works and collaborates remotely for the time-being.


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