The PR Net 100: EVINS Communications

EVINS Communications

EVINS Communications has been supporting a range of legacy brands around the world for over 30 years. The award-winning branding, marketing communications and public relations firm was named the Best Luxury Brand Engagement Consultancy in 2020, and has also been recognized for their work on recent Maker’s Mark campaigns. Through their holistic approach, the team offers clients socio-cultural influencer marketing as well as brand essence and content curation services. Up next for EVINS: a completely redesigned website and a comprehensive brand refresh, as well as a new office in Louisville, Kentucky to support new and existing clients alike.

Notable long-term clients

Halekulani, Jet Linx, Maker’s Mark, National Limousine Association

Recent client wins

Arlo Hotels, Chenot, Chenot Palace Weggis, ICCA

What was your biggest business challenge this year and how did your team overcome it?

Like most agencies, our biggest challenge was navigating the pandemic with responsiveness and determination. Even during the first few weeks when so much was unknown, we made a commitment to our clients and our agency, remaining cautious but optimistic. The most challenging element was ensuring connectivity of the team despite the distance separating us. With many of us unable to see friends or family, we were determined to do whatever we could to inspire and motivate. In the end, it was meaningful communication, complete transparency and unbiased sensitivity that guided us through. Months later, we may be battered but we are certainly better and stronger.

We also took the time to reinvest in the agency in order to ensure our continued success. Knowing the tourism industry would recover, we rebuilt our travel & hospitality practice – which included a restructuring of the department as well as developing new strategies to support our clients with the obstacles they were facing caused by the pandemic. Additionally, we committed significant time and resources to a rebranding and repositioning initiative for the agency that will be launched later this year.

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