The PR Net 100: Bullfrog + Baum

Bullfrog + Baum

Bullfrog + Baum started making strategic business decisions as soon as the pandemic hit, enabling them to keep their full team employed to support their clients in the highly-affected hospitality space. During that time, they also launched a virtual internship program with two modules: a lecture series and a hands-on mentorship program that produced a portfolio of work for students. Bullfrog + Baum also established an internal diversity task force that established long- and short-term company goals and is working with our entire team to execute. Service-wise, the agency took a step back to fully implement in-progress initiatives, including the launch of Bullhorn, a first-ever subscription model as well as the launch of a fully integrated digital marketing team offering paid digital media advertising, SEM and content marketing. Bullfrog also launched a three-month recovery program, AMP, for those clients navigating reentry. The agency embraced the hybrid work environment and now counts team members all over the country across all business sectors.

Notable long-term clients

Bobby Flay, Chef Laurent Tourondel, 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, Restaurant Associates, Dream Hotel, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Diageo (Ketel One Vodka), Katz's Delicatessen, Singapore Tourism Board

Recent client wins 

Diageo (Zacapa Rum), Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization (KTPO), Margaritaville, Arva at Aman New York and Nama at Aman New York, Made By Nacho, Wildgood, Country Life Vitamins, Biochem Protein, Thompson Savannah Food & Beverage, Salis Holdings, Vivant, Chateau de Pommard

What are you most proud of as a leader?

I am incredibly proud of the business I created and built over these last 21 years. Since launching in 2000 we have always been in "growth mode," continuing to expand and evolve even during these last decades' most trying times, including 9/11, the 2008 recession, Hurricane Sandy and now, COVID. And I'm extremely proud of how we weathered these last many months, how I stayed steady and positive; how I was transparent and sought advice from my team when I needed it; and how we ultimately survived and thrived as individuals and as a team.

However, as proud as I am for what I've built, I am probably most proud of my ability to mentor the younger men and women who have come through our doors. Bullfrog + Baum is not for everyone. We have very high standards, a strong ethic and expect our team members to work hard, but also to play hard. Over these 21 years I have met some of the most interesting, intelligent and capable young people and it has been my utmost pleasure to work alongside them, to guide them and to hopefully inspire them so that when they leave, they take with them lessons and experiences that will positively affect them in years to come. I am thrilled when I can stay in touch with someone, help them launch their own business or navigate a new career, to be a sounding board and to remain a guiding force for them. I am honored to have been called a mentor by many of our former Bullfrogs and to remain a close contact over these many years.

I love what I do. And a very big part of that is inspiring the "next generation" of creative thinkers, hard workers and bright innovators. And while I'm proud of the client roster we've maintained and the results we've achieved on their behalf, I am most proud of how I've helped - even in a small way - to shape the professional lives of the men and women who have passed through our doors.

Is there a big industry trend you’re backing in terms of your agency offering, and why do you think this area will continue to grow and influence the PR practice? 

We've all seen the digital wave coming. Fifteen years ago we launched our very own blog and shortly thereafter built an in-house digital team that navigated the ever changing landscape from Facebook to Twitter. We encouraged our clients to consider influencers before they were a "thing" and we created integrated campaigns that tapped into the growing digital landscape. And so, like many others, I feel the continued expansion of digital marketing - beyond influencers - will remain a growing trend in years to come. We recently doubled down on our digital capabilities establishing a team focused on paid digital media advertising, SEM and content marketing. We also believe that Affiliate Marketing will become an even bigger aspect of our CPG client work and have begun exploring the best route towards efficiently offering this service to our clients.

By doing this we continue to offer a truly holistic solution for our clients, becoming a one-stop-shop for their current and growing needs. By creating a solid digital foundation, combined with our traditional marketing services, we remain a true one-stop-shop that thinks like the big guys but is nimble enough to identify where we should go next and know how to get there quickly.

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