The PR Net 100: 5W Public Relations

5W Public Relations

2021 saw a rebrand for storied PR agency 5W, revealing a new logo, color palette, manifesto and website supporting their new tagline, “Built For Now.” The team affirms the new look and unified mission has been instrumental in attracting both employees and clients and further reinforcing the agency as one of the leaders in the US. The agency also announced the opening of a Miami office space to support the agency’s rapid growth and need to service a diverse set of clients, while also attracting and retaining top talent in the country. With an influx of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) activity earlier this year, 5W was prompted to launch a SPAC specialty division. In this short time, the agency has already seen half a dozen SPACs and five IPOs to date. In addition, the firm launched several other practice areas across the agency including hospitality tech, legal tech, HR tech, NFT, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, gaming & gambling, and a vegan and plant-based division, as well as expansions of 5W’s parent, child & baby practice area, and Israel PR practice area.

Notable long-term clients

AvidXChange, Webull, RealPage, SapNS2, Zeta Global, Ethique, It’s a 10 Haircare, Jane Iredale, Topps, Sparkling Ice, SodaStream

Recent client wins 

Harvest Hosts, ixlayer, Kasasa, Skai, Axiom Space, Integral Ad Science, Therabody, GNC, Pioneer Woman, Prinics Co. (Kodak), Smile Direct Club

What was your biggest business challenge this year and how did your team overcome it?

This past year has proven incredibly challenging for public relations professionals to break through the noise of unlimited competitors vying for the same media opportunities, not to mention navigating and competing with current event coverage we’ve arguably never experienced before. At 5W we let our work speak for itself. We have cultivated an environment where our employees are eager and comfortable with taking chances, they’re not satisfied with simply doing what has worked in the past, they want to disrupt industries and stand apart from the noise.

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