In Bloom: Floral Event Trends

High on the event production checklist, the right florals can elevate a design scheme and amplify the guest experience. We've seen the creativity levels reach new heights of late, so we asked the best in the game for some insight on their top trends and inspiration. From gravity-defying treatments to fashion-forward flowers, it might not seem like simplicity is an overarching theme - but the biggest names in floral design say otherwise.

Eddie Zaratsian | Visionary, Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design
Trend: Floral ceiling treatment

The big new trend we are seeing is floral ceiling treatments. You see it on fashion runways and at weddings and events. It's comprised of different types of florals. We love it because it evokes a whimsical feeling and adds an extra special element to the event.

Eric Buterbaugh | Floral Designer, Eric Buterbaugh
Trend: Florals follow fashion

I’ve always thought that flowers tend to follow fashion…and the trends in fashion. Thinking back over the years, I can remember way back when floral arrangements were more complicated and challenging incorporating tons of bright colors, intricately wrapped vases in heavy patterns with wire treatments--all the bells and whistles. That was the trend in fashion at the time, and I’m sure at some point we will see it all come back again (like the fanny pack). Right now we are experiencing more of an organic look in floral arranging. Meticulous monochromatic, or single-ingredient arrangements, which sounds simple enough, but it is all in the details. The overall architecture of the composition focusing on the shape and cut are of the utmost importance, and I think that is reflective of the trend in fashion right now: simple and balanced yet engineered with structure and precision. The devil is in the details.

Jeff Leatham | Artistic Director, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center
Trend: Rule of three

The Leatham style is clean, simple and chic, with never more than three types of flowers. This trend was demonstrated throughout the design of #FourSeasonsPopDown Philadelphia, a part of Four Seasons' series of immersive experiences that took place ahead of the hotel's 2019 opening. 

Ron Wendt | Founder, Ron Wendt Design
Trend: Farm to table 

The farm to table trend is not just a restaurant trend. It seems “farm to table” has become a design aesthetic as well. We’ve seen a lot more naturally styled arrangements, increased use of greenery as runner or trailing between arrangements and a lot more bud vases with single stems.

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