How to Create A Visually Compelling Eventscape

Who's ready to party? Us too. Now that events are slowly and safely making their way back into our lives, we're seeing an emphasis on meaningful gatherings, whether that's a brand activation or a dinner party with friends. We asked the pros in the space, from experiential event designers to party planners, what the key to hosting a visually-compelling and engaging event is. Read on for their advice, sure to elevate your next event. 

Stimulate the Senses

 L'Avenue at Saks 1-Year Anniversary Party by VIJON for IMG Focus.

“Provide a full sensory experience to add complexity and depth to any event. Guests are more likely to find a room visually compelling when all five senses are being engaged. An immersive atmosphere is most impactful when a scent evokes a memory or emotion, you can touch different textures, food and drink are carefully chosen to pair together, and the right music sets a certain tone and ambience. All of these attributes heavily influence our visual understanding of a space, whether we're conscious of it or not. On that note, storytelling is key. Create a journey for your guests that incorporates a compelling and cohesive narrative from start to finish. Having a clear and consistent storyline with thoughtful details throughout will really help ensure attendees visually understand the spirit of the brand as well as the message you are looking to convey.” -Chelsey Wayte Kaffka, Founder & CEO, VIJON

Create Connection

We All Grow, OneNine Design

“A compelling eventscape is so much more than a visually pleasing vignette. Successful eventscapes tap into all the senses to evoke an emotional response and connect the audience to the brand. Create a compelling visual story driven by color, texture, space and mixed media that layers in key messaging in unexpected ways.” -Stephanie Kimes, Founder & CEO, OneNine Design

Use Pro Party Tricks

Party by Numbers 

“Planning a party takes a lot of work no matter how many tricks of the trade I can offer.  So, we built Party by Numbers to put all of our party tricks in service of our hosts so they can get back to the party. A few unique features which employ our favorite party tricks in our product are: always batch your cocktails before they arrive and serve from fancy carafes or pitchers. You can just pour over ice and add a fun garnish or rim. Buffets are chic if treated like a centerpiece and a great space saver for we New Yorkers who don’t have a table to seat 16! Elevate the dishes and pair them with florals to put your meal center stage. Save the sauces and put them in stylish side vessels, which keep things from getting soggy and add a fun flair of interactivity, too.” -Nicky Balestrieri, Co-Founder, Party by Numbers & The Gathery

Start with A Theme 

Bohemian Garden-themed wedding, Estan'e New York

“In order to create a visually compelling eventscape, you should first create a theme, and base everything around it. Then, find a venue that aesthetically works well with the vision and design the space with decor that compliments the space. It's not just about creating for the fun of it, but about being intentional taking every detail into consideration, in order to inspire and leave a lasting impression on all parties involved.” -Stanley Farmer, Founder, Estan'e New York

Tips for the Table

Courtesy of Social Studies

"Set the table, but keep it simple. Combine patterns from the same hue for a uniform but lively look. Curated decor promotes conversation, inspires creativity, and fosters connection. Also, consider less costly, but equally beautiful options to spruce up the table, such as faux or dried florals. Add personal touches, whether they are hand-written menus or place cards.” -The Social Studies team 

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