Five Steps for Crafting a Strong Brand Identity, from Voice to Visuals

Creating animpactful brand identity is something of an art form, and one that can help your brand not only stand out, but also resonate with the right customers. From defining your voice to pinpointing your target audience, Prathiksha Ravishankar, designer and creative lead at The Cultivist, shares essential strategies for making a memorable brand identity. 

Brand system for The Cultivist art trip to Aspen

1. Brand voice

A brand voice describes the personality of your brand and sets the tone of the visuals. To recognize and outline what your brand needs to represent, you have to add a tagline, logo, imagery appropriately. A brand voice helps consumers identify your brand from others.

Three keys to a strong brand voice:

2. Target audience

Identifying a group of users who are likely to use your service/product. This becomes very important to make sure that your brand is very accessible to this group. For example, if you are introducing a cocktail bar in your neighborhood which are meant for adults between the ages of 22 - 38, one of the best ways of promoting would be social media campaigns and blog features.

A few things to consider when identifying your target audience:

3. Standing out from competitors

It’s very important to stand out from competitors. Brands need to be unique and meaningful in their representation when they're catering to their target audience.

To be memorable to your audience, you need to be:

4. Spaces your brand exists

You would have to use the right spaces for your ad campaigns (digital or printed). It needs to be appropriate according to your brand voice and target audience.

5. Visual assets

Visual assets are elements like videos, images, invites, menu cards etc. You should use elements that are appropriate for your brand. It’s also important to use mockups that are specific to your brand rather than generic mockups like business cards.

Visual assets:

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